Movement at Horse’s Ass Award Nominee?

“Dear PoP,

This building is at the corner of Vermont and V St. NW, between American Ice Co. and Duffy’s. Both it and the lot next to it have been vacant ever since I moved into the area late last year, but I never noticed the windows on the second floor until last week. They look to be brand new compared to the rest of the building, and they still have stickers on them. I immediately got excited and wanted to know more, but there’s no sign of any other changes. I was hoping maybe you knew something about the building or the lot next to it. I’m also curious about what the building used to be given the large oval where a sign once hung.”

This building has been reader nominated multiple times for a horse’s ass award. A reno here would be most welcome news. Anyone have any info or scuttlebutt?

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  • Please add my name to the list of people nominating this for a Horse’s Ass award! I live in the Rhapsody (in the background of second picture) and I regret to inform you that those windows are at least a year old. I was excited to see them too, but there hasn’t been any perceptible progress since.

  • Yep, these windows have been there. THis would be a perfect place for a bar with outdoor seating

  • I live two blocks from there and I would love to see this become something as well. I bet the windows were put in as a security measure or something so that this property could avoid the blighted property designation or some bs like that. Anyone know who owns the property? Is it some developer just waiting to sell it and letting it sit?

    I predict that with immediate area experiencing such rapid development (within 1 year we have the Dickson, Dodge City, American Ice Company and the soon-to-be Brixton (which I predict will be a game changer for the 9th & U intersection)), this space will be developed. Hopefully NOT into a bar, but into some sort of restaurant that serves booze. Although, I’d gladly take a bar over it’s current state.

    Sorry for the double parenthesis. I get carried away.

  • Getting a building permit, and doing a small amount of cheap work, is a GREAT way to avoid the higher tax rate for vacant/derelict buildings. The different in tax rates for a year will easily pay for windows or paint or whatever.

  • Psmitty311

    I’m slightly biased since I live across the street, but I would love for the vacant lot and house to be turned into a coffee shop with outdoor seating – something the whole neighborhood could use. I’d also be happy with an affordable gym (since the Floridian doesn’t have one) or a neighborhood restaurant with outdoor seating. But, when it comes down to it, I’d settle for new town houses or condos just so the corner gets cleaned up.

    Does anybody know what used to be here?

  • This is complete and utter rumor, so take it with many grains of salt, but here’s what I heard many moons ago. The owner did want to develop it (possibly restaurant) but the family who owns the residence next door put up such a fuss and some roadblocks that the owner gave up and let it rot to spite them. I can see both sides.

    • Psmitty311

      If this is true, then I will hope that the two can reach some kind of agreement, and soon. There are several types of venues that don’t cause huge disturbances, and I would hope that the homeowners could see the benefit of living next to an updated, safer corner rather than an abandoned house and lot that regularly play host to vagabonds, taggers, and anyone else who enjoys unlit hiding areas.

  • Could be complete BS, but I was told the owner of the property lives in California, is elderly, and supposedly not interested in selling off property now, that he plans to bequeath to heirs, that is only going up in value by the day. Apparently multiple offers have been placed and he routinely rejects them.

  • I was told a while back that the owners of American Ice Company were already looking to expand into a neighboring lot and that they planned on having a place to smoke their meat on site and to have live music. The person who told me this referenced the blue building, but this struck me as odd since there is an empty lot and a functioning auto shop between American Ice and the blue building. I think it would be awesome if its true, but I seriously doubt it. Just thought I’d throw it out there as long as were rumor mongering.

  • This is the neighborhood dog park for now. Whomever owns this property keeps the grass cut and at least they do that. It is a true eyesore and will continue to be until an agreement is met between the two parties.

  • Don’t get excited.
    The “new” windows have been there for at least 4 years when I moved in. Neighbors have tried to contact them about mowing the lawn with no reply. The city is now mowing it periodically and filing liens against the property for the costs. Whoever owns it is just sitting on it.

  • it was a liquor store..TIDC

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