Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth/Ft. Totten (reader request)

This rental is located at 4925 First St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This home is conveniently located close to shopping and within a 10 minute walk to the Fort Totten Metro. The home features:

– Brand New Appliances including a DISHWASHER
– Recently renovated Kitchen featuring a mosaic tile backsplash
– Gleaming “Hardwood” Floors
– Sunroom
– Close to Metro and major bus routes
– Across from well maintained single-family housing
– Deposit Required
– $30 Application Fee

Bedrooms: 1 Plus Sunroom
Bathrooms: 1 Full
Located on Floor #: 2nd
Floors in Bldg: 2
Square Footage: 700
Parking Spaces: On Street
Pets Allowed: Cats”

Does $855 sound reasonable for this 1br + Sunroom?

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  • Yes! I wish I could sign up today!

  • The quotations around the word “hardwood” make me think the floors are some sort of cheap fake wood. Not sure why the poster thought that was a good idea.

    I guess it’s a good deal if that’s the area you are interested in living.

  • I dont know. feels like a scam.

    the guy’s listed email address in the ad is a part of a domain that has expired. google it yourself.

  • Anyone who is easily excited by a DISHWASHER and “hardwood” floors should go for it 😉

    • Why couldn’t they be excited about being close to the metro? I swear you uppity snobs never cease to amaze me…

  • I dont think its a scam, scams dont usually have the address and say that there is an open house.

    Its probably a good deal – I cant imagine finding anything anywhere else for so cheap. Of course, the reason that its so cheap is that the location is far from ideal for numerous reasons.

  • It looks like a nice, sunny space, with a good kitchen at a reasonable price. The location is a little far out there, but totally doable for someone with a car.
    I live near Fort Totten, and it feels far away, but isn’t really.
    And it’s a sub $900 one bedroom, which is great for this town.
    If I was in the market, it’d be high on my list.

  • Plus: On the bus line on NH Ave.
    Minus: On the stabbing/shooting line on NH Ave.

  • Good deal, not because this would be my first choice where to live but the price is reasonable for DC. I’d want to check out the building and the area at night first. Dark and quiet could be good or bad.

  • They should provide complimentry pepper spray for that area.

  • I have friends who live just north of there, and they are very happy with their (similarly priced) “hardwood floored” apartment.

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