Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 1610 Park Rd, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Exceptional Value – ONE BEDROOMS Move in April 12th – May 1fst . The Parkhill is located right in the middle of it all. In the vibrant, Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan/Mt.Pleasant/U Street area, all in walking distance. The 5 story property offers sunny windows and hard wood floors and brand new wall to wall carpet. Near downtown monuments and more. Between 18th & 14th Streets you will find a dining experience you could want. A wide variety of night life. Indoor parking is available. Bus stop at the front door and just 5 minute walk to groceries, restaurants, gym. The floor plans are all oversized. Utilities are all included in the rent. Minimal electric fee.”

$1365 sound right for a one bedroom here?

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  • seems like a steal to me. great location – very short walk to metro, stumbling distance to AdMo/Mt P/Columbia Heights nightlife, directly on downtown bus lines. i’m assuming it’s overrun with vermin.

  • Hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpet! All utilities included plus a fee for electricity.

    All jokes aside, that sounds like the standard price for that area.

  • That block of Park Road is uber shady. I see lots of scruffy dudes who haven’t showered in a while just chillin’ on the sidewalk there. You couldn’t pay me to live there.

    • I live literally on the other side of the street and I can verify that the reason why there are “lots of scruffy dudes who haven’t showered in a while just chillin’ on the sidewalk there” is because there is a church on the corner that offers food and shelter to the homeless. Most often, those “scruffy dudes” are homeless men who are harmless and just waiting for the church to open up so they can get a warm meal. I won’t say that it is 110% safe, but the sidewalk is almost always busy (with non-scruffy dudes)and I feel safe – even though I’m an overly cautious, scaredy-cat female.

    • I would hardly call that area sketchy. That part of Park has gotten so much better and now seems crowded with young professionals pretty consistently (except during normal professional working hours – duh). Besides the same homeless types you might run into in any neighborhood in the city, don’t see what there is to get so sketched about.

    • I volunteer at Christ House, the church that is situated there that supplies homeless men with free hot food. They are all such great guys, very polite. Plus they are not required to, but most of them stay voluntarily after the meal to help us clean-up. Try not to judge a book by its cover, Marion, and get out in your community to volunteer! (That goes out to all of the PoP community 😀 )

      • That’s great that you volunteer. Give yourself a pat on the back!

        The question is should $1365 be the rent for a one bedroom apartment that is surrounded by loitering unemployed men who appear not to have showered for a week? Of course not. One should receive a significant discount for that view and the experience of walking around people hanging out on your stoop as you arrive home.

  • Wow, how things have changed in the past ten years. I moved into the Park Hill in 01 for a steal of 815/mo in a one BR.

    The location is great the building has some serious critter issues – both insect and mammal.


    Sounds like other tenants agree that this place isn’t a good deal for the location/cost.

  • I can’t speak to the quality of the apartment building itself, but that area is great. As people above mentioned, it’s close to the metro, multiple bus lines, and a bike dock. A quick walk to all the restaurants and bars of Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights. The street is safe – people are always walking by and the street is one of the most well lit streets in the city at night. Knowing what apartments go for on that street, if the building is decent, it’s a great deal.


    Big differences between <600/800/1000 sq foot 1BR apartment.

  • I lived there for a year from 2009-2010 in a 430 sq ft studio for 1130 month (+ 80 from May-Sept for AC). My place was small but the view was great and it was the perfect size for me and my kitty. I looked at the one bedrooms before I decided on the studio and they were very spacious, especially for the city. Its a decent building, safe, great location and good mix of neighbors. Surprisingly quiet, free utilities and onsite maint man who is super cool. Parking is expensive if you want to park in the building garage (~140 a month) but it comes in handy when street parking is scarce. Some critter issues- but unfortunately that happens often in DC apt buidlings. I took extermination into my own hands and was successful at eliminating the bug issue- at least in my apartment. I also think the bugs you see depend on who your neighbors are and how they live. I wouldn’t say it is the greatest place I have ever lived in, but the neighborhood was a selling point for me (quiet street and short walk to Room 11 and Wonderland) and I definitely liked living there better than when I lived in McLean Gardens, if that says anything.

  • I lived in this building from about 2000 to 2004. I paid $735 for an efficiency back then, and then moved to a one bedroom for about $100 or so more. Wow.

    I love this area.

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