Missing Person Last Seen in Adams Morgan

“Dear PoP,

Emily, who lives on Biltmore St, NW has been missing since yesterday morning. Her husband, family and friends are frantically trying to find her and could use all the help possible. A police report has been filed.”

Flyer attached below:

EHH flyer(2)

UPDATE: A reader writes:

“Actually I just got an update (WMATA finally allowed tracking of her SmartTrip card). Her last activity was at Georgia Ave and W St. at 12:42 yesterday.”

“Only her card was used there.
Still last confirmed sighting was when she left for work at 6:45am.”

Update: Found and recovering!

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  • just because her last activity was tracked, does not mean it was her using the SmartTrip.

    • Please.. in such a situation even things like that can bring in some hope. The family needs positive thoughts and news right now.

      I hope she is ok and comes back home soon!

  • If the SmarTrip user was on the bus, they should be able to pull the video feed if the bus had a camera in it…

  • The post says 9am, the flyer says 8am and now the update says 6:45am. Is there a way to clarify the time?

    • She was last sighted (by family/friends) at 9am. There’s an unconfirmed sighting at 8PM last night on a bus (this is the time on the flyer).

      • I’m not sure that’s right either, from what I gather from this and other sites:

        06:45 – Left for work from 18 and Columbia (where is work? this would be useful to know)

        09:00 – Talked to husband on phone (not seen)

        12:42 – SmarTrip card used (is that site near work?)

        20:00 – Possibly seen on the 42

        • according to the news articles, she works at NIH. So the card wasn’t used too close to home or work. I imagine it could have been someone else using it–either someone who actually interacted with her, or someone who found her card without even seeing her. It’s also near Howard University Hospital, so if she was feeling sick and tried to go there that could explain things.

  • very strange and potentially scary. hope it has a happy ending.

    friends or family must have acted fast. I saw this posted last night (around 9pm). that’s twelve hours after her last sighting. I sympathize with friends and family who would know if something is wrong. the attitude of DCPD was probably: we’ll wait a couple days and see what happens.

    • p.s. 18th & columbia is a very busy intersection at all times of day to say nothing of morning rush hour. somebody had to see something.

      • me

        Well, somebody probably saw something if some event actually occurred. But, as it’s a busy intersection with so many people, I know that I for one wouldn’t be able to distinguish anyone out of the group on a random day unless I knew them.

  • Maybe I’ve become jaded, but why do I feel like this is a little “runaway bride-esque.” I saw the signs up last night and thought it odd that signs were up after less than 24-hours “missing.”

    • jaded is not the same as having watched too many movies.

    • I actually agree with you. Seems strange her last reported activity was in front of a hospital, but she didn’t come home or contact friends/family. Doesn’t seem like she wants to be found.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The WTOP article says, “Hershenson says he talked to his wife on her cell phone about 9:30 a.m. Monday and she seemed disoriented.” So she may be hurt/sick.

        I was hoping it was a run away bride situation and that she was ok.

      • WTOP is reporting that at 9:30 AM she talked with her husband, sounded disoriented, and said she was coming home. Further, she had at least one instance in her past where she became disoriented.

    • There is a big time gap between when a police department will consider a presumed competent adult as “missing” and when family and friends know that something has to be wrong. And your “runaway bride-esque” comment is completely out-of-line.

      • women have faked kidnappings and disapperances before. The comment is an avenue the police will investigate as well. They have to rule those type of instances out. Alien abduction is on called for not woman running away from her family. That has happened before

        • Yeah, and men have faked intelligence and compassion as well. This is freaking blog, not CSI. None of us know anything.

  • Why no last name?

  • Hershenson

  • Oh I hope she’s all right. I assume that the friends and family are already checking in with hospitals and keeping tabs on her credit cards and bank accounts. Such a scary thing for them to go through.

  • Does anyone know if the card was used on the northbound or southbound buses at Georgia & W?

  • dunno, I thought you meant the 42 sighting

  • definitely echo the comment to check with hospitals/shelters in the area. if disoriented, she may have parted with her ID (whether through inadvertence or otherwise), which makes an active seeking family key to quick resolution.

    also, what about the cellco to inquire about the physical location of the cell phone?

  • I thought the phone company can locate cell phones. I assume they try to call her cell phone and try to locate it by using the cell tower thing?

    • According to the facebook page, the phone is off (perhaps the battery is dead). They’re working on getting a phone log.

      The whole thing is very scary. I hope they find her soon.

  • FYI, there was a few tour buses of high school aged kids in Adams Morgan on Monday afternoon. I was at the 1801 Starbucks in the early afternoon and saw bands of them roaming around Adams Morgan. I want to say the group’s name was Capital Change or something like that. Looked like a local civic group related to pro-democracy. Anyways, I know the time line doesn’t make it very likely, but maybe there’s a chance that she accidentally boarded a bus or that one of the kids/youth leaders saw the missing person in the neighborhood.

  • I am sure her husband, family and friends have already done this – but just in the off chance – I would go to all the local hospitals and ask emergency room nurses and front desk people if they (1) seen her, (2) have had any white Jane Does admitted during the time of particular concern, and/or (3) have had any white females admitted during the time of particular concern (if she was disoriented, she may have given a name that sounds like Emily Hershenson). Call MPD and ask them the same questions as well.

    I had a friend suffer from severe case of bacterial meningitis a while back. Sounds like a similar situation here. Above is how we went about finding him after he was missing for a week.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends…

    • Wow, how was he missing for a week? I mean I understand severe bacterial meningitis is a terrible medical situation, but why could he not let people know where he was?

      • It was me… and I didn’t let anyone know because it took me that long to wake up and regain my mental faculties. It was that bad a case of meningitis. Let’s remember not to blame the victim.

  • J

    Emily was found.

    Happy for the Hershenson fam.

    Good work hubby. Take care Emily. Good eye officer!

  • Good eye officer? What does that mean? An officer spotted her somewhere?

  • she was found according to the news.

  • Awesome…the story said she experienced a dramatic shift in mood 1.5 years ago….the same thing happened to my frined and they finally diagnosed her with a brain tumor (which was succesfully removed). I hope Emily gets a full medical workup, which means a full headscan/MRI.

  • So does anyone have any dirt on what the real story is here?

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