Lost Society, Boutique Steakhouse, Coming to 14th and U St, NW (Above Subway)

From a press release:

Set for a Spring opening, owners announce the 14&U building will house a new restaurant, Lost Society.

Owned by a group of local investors, this boutique steakhouse, located on the second and third floors of this corner building, will feature a steak centric menu that blends market fresh produce, grass fed local meats, and regional seafood with innovative techniques to create both familiar classics and bold original dishes.

The space features full dining, bar and lounge space, as well as a rooftop deck.

Rumor has it that the space is designed to look like a Victorian Underground with peek-a-boo booths and spy mirrors. Now I’m gonna be honest with you – I’m not 100% sure what that means but I’m def. eager to check it out.

It’s always good to hear about more rooftop deck options. So what do you think – will a steakhouse will be a good fit here?

As one reader writes,

“There you have it. Something for everyone – Dunkin Donuts, Subway, and Lost Society.”

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  • Fantastic news!
    This building deserves so much more than a Subway. It’s come a long ways from the graffiti covered mess that it was in the mid 90s.
    Looking forward to trying out Lost Society!

  • This reeks of the Social all over again, but I would love to be proven wrong.

  • So there’s a Subway two blocks west at 16th and U, and a Subway 2 blocks east at 12 and U. I thought such cannibalization almost tanked the company in the 90s. What a weak corner that’s become: nastiest McDonald’s, cell phone shop, and now Subway. The steakhouse sounds interesting.

    • Subway surpassed McD this week in number of global stores – they must be doing something right!

  • What about the Vegan options (just kidding). Sounds great – can’t wait!

    • I believe Samis eat the graze cut from their reindeer stomachs, Iniuts too – so there’s some good veggie options.A

      • Sami don’t for sure. You may have seen that Lonely Planet episode where the inuit were just fucking around (the folks of the north have a great sense of humor :D) with the show host and made him eat some of that, and then rolling around on the floor laughing at him!

    • Vegan option: stay home!

      I think this could be a great addition to the area.

      • I have to state that I was just kidding, lest the Tofudians struggle weakly to their feet and feebly swat at me. I support allowing vegans to move freely through society as if they were normal people.

        • EVERY steakhouse has a vegetarian option, usually consisting of a wilted iceberg salad with bottled Italian dressing. The mark of a quality boutique steakhouse is that they offer something for people who go to steakhouses (but don’t eat steak) something to complain about bitterly on Yelp.

  • To those who love Subway – you can walk up 2 blocks or down 2 blocks and still get your fix. After all, you’ll burn a few more calories (since that’s all this store is about anymore – Oh and being cheap..).

    The thing that bothers me about this store is that it reaffirms the false notion that healthy food has no taste. We need more creative healthy fast food options and Subway (with all their gross nitrate-laden meats) is NOT one of them!

  • Weird name for a steak restaurant… or a restaurant of any kind, really. What does it refer to?

  • I’m excited for this. There is a real lack of good steak places in DC outside of downtown/Penn Quarter. This will be a great addition to a neighborhood with none. The unique set up will fit right in with the cool vibe of the neighborhood too. I doubt I’ll be able to afford to eat here often, but I’ll definitely make it a point to stop in and, if it’s good, keep it in mind for birthdays and such.

    • For birthdays you should just go to Penn Quarter.

    • Have you tried Rays the Steaks in Ward 7? Great food, casual, friendly place, and decent prices. Worth a trip.

    • agreed – with the exception of ruth’s chris, all the steakhouses are downtown. it’ll be nice to have one in an actual residential neighborhood.

  • The restaurant sounds cool and I am totally pro-roofdeck! My only worry: if the Ann Taylor over on Connecticut that’s Subway-adjacent is any indication, the smell of Subway will permeate the restaurant. Not necessarily a problem, just sayin’.

  • what’s with this city’s renewed obsession with red meat? it’s getting to be disturbing and I’m not even vegetarian.

  • Are you kidding? The lack of excitement on this thread for this place is ridiculous. I understand that there is a difference of expectations between something opening up on Georgia Ave or H St versus 14th & U, but where is the balance. PoP could post about some shanty on GA Ave or H St that just opened up and is serving sh** sandwiches and everyone would coo about how fantastic this is going to be, but when he posts a description for a restaurant that sounds like it could be very cool if executed well in a prime and long vacant location on U St and people just predict that it’s going to be as lame as the next new restaurant to open in Dupont Circle. Has U St totally lost its edge? Have we reached the point where we have to suppose anything opening here is going to be as banal as a typical Dupont or Downtown eatery?

    I for one am really happy to see this space taken up by something, and am especially glad it is going to be a steak place. Where else on U St or 14th can you get a decent steak at this point?

    • Huh? Are we reading the same thread?

    • yes, U street has officially arrived and people aren’t desperate for their property values to increase any more by the people a new shop might attract. why on earth should we be excited about this? steak houses are generally for middle aged republicans. just thinking about them puts me to sleep.

      you know what I want? a goddamn bakery in this city. is that too much to ask? hell, how about a coffee shop that doesn’t suck?

      • + one million on a bakery

      • plus, I’m sorry, but can we agree to ridicule anyone who says “boutique steakhouse”?

        • I’m with Steve.

          U Street/Adams Morgan has so many restaurants, bars, and clubs. You’re not lacking in those options. What I’d love to see is a cool little movie theater or performing arts space or a great bookstore. Something that doesn’t revolve around getting plastered.

          • It’d be nice, but I don’t think any of those places have a change at being profitable on U. I mean, maybe on U between 7th and 9th.

            I think this place will be alright. Somewhat like Lauriol Plaza in terms of clientele, maybe a little more mature. I’m not a big Lauriol fan myself, but any place with outdoor seating = awesome to have on a nice spring day. If nothing else, the roof deck adds something great to U Street.

            Go for a nice date under the stars, above all the traffic, pretty views. Go during the week when the Virginians aren’t out. Fun!

          • tres,

            how is u between 7th and 9th a better location than u and 14th? i’m not following your thought there.

          • Affordable rent.

          • Caroline – this is a restaurant/steakhouse. It doesn’t revolve around getting plastered. U St is not 18th St. There are several bars spread throughout U St, but I wouldn’t say that everything there revolves around getting plastered – it definitely has a low key night out vibe too with live music venues and dining. So yes, this place will add to the nightime foot traffic in the area, but no, I doubt you will see an increase in wasted college kids as a result.

    • Bistro le Bonne. Steak frites done 2 different ways for under $20. Damn good, too.

    • oh goodie. another place on u street. thank god. there are so few choices.
      oh goodie, an interesting place that i will never frequent since steakhouses don’t appeal to me. or nearly anyone under 50. seriously, you want to order a steak? do you want a salad too?

      yes. u has lost its edge.
      yes we have reached a point where we assume a place that opens will be similar to places in dupont or downtown.

      welcome to 2011.

      • I don’t think U St is quite at that point, but it’s obviously getting close. It wouldn’t be a bad thing either if it was that way because once it has the established, totally non-gritty feel to new urban yupsters that Dupont has, that means more of the hip independent development you all love futher on down Florida Ave and up Georgia Ave.

        Also, I’d like to stand up for steakhouses for a minute. I’m 28 and I love them. In this city, I can’t usually afford to go to them, but there is something appealing about a steakhouse. Plus, this is going to be a “boutique” steakhouse, and while I have no idea wtf that means, I do have a feeling it means it will not be mimicking your grandpa’s steakhouse.

      • I don’t really get where Anonymous at 11:44 is coming from. U St has quite a different vibe from Dupont and I wouldn’t put it in that same category. I actually think this place sounds like it could be very very cool. I’m thinking a Gibson-style steakhouse.

  • i’m excited to try this place out! i *sort of* gave up red meat this year, despite my love for it. not just because i love fluffy animals (i grew up on a farm and raised animals to kill and eat as a boy), but because the animal factory industry is SO resource/chemical intensive and unsustainable. if this place servers local and grass-fed beef i will eat it there. i will otherwise continue to avoid red meat produced by animal factories.

    i’m not trying to be better than anyonoe else but me…

  • Does anyone know what will open at the 14 and Florida space (the view) North east corner ? I heard a restaurant, but not sure what kind.

  • why don’t we have a restaurants on rooftops over residential buildings?
    the highest rooftops restaurants i can think of are the reef, the w hotel bar, and tabaq. anything else?

    • Most residents don’t want crowds of restaurant customers, vendors, etc. wandering through their buildings’ lobbies, whereas hotels are okay with that kind of foot traffic. Plus, fire suppression (and the resulting water damage) is often an issue with restaurants in residential buildings; hotels and offices are built to higher fire standards.

  • All the cool kids are heading East on U / Florida. 5 thru 9 is where it’s at. 14 can have fun with its chain stores and critter tie steak houses.

    • This appears to be happening, and I am very happy about it. I can’t wait for more things to open up in that corridor – but I think that it’s crucial to make sure that the western portions of the U St corridor continue to thrive in order to support the march East, so I’m happy that this place is coming in.

  • To the anonymous person who responded to my comment:

    Have you been on U Street on a Friday or Saturday night? It’s absolutely a zoo. One night my usual Metro stop was closed, so I had to get off at U. On my walk home, I was treated to drunk chicks piggybacking each other, throngs of people in the middle of the street (there was no festival occurring), and some guy yelling out, “No draws! No draws!” at a 200-pound woman wearing a very short dress, with, you guessed it, no underwear. I’m from Chicago, so I love a good steak, but I also wish that this city would introduce more artistic vibrancy to neighborhoods like Adams Morgan (where I live) or U Street.

    • Oh, I’m not denying that U St is a nightlife destination, just saying that there is much more to U St than the nightlife and there are plenty of things in the neighhorhood that are not catering to people getting wasted (including this restaurant). It has a more tolerable balance of restaurants and bars per block than areas like Adams Morgan. My point was also that this place doesn’t sound like it’s going to be the kind of raging bar that these piggybacking chicks would be boozing at – probably drinks are going to be quite pricey.

  • Beer list sucks! And if it’s not kid-friendly, they can go to hell!

  • If the don’t allow smoke monsters, they can go to hell.

    I could use a dharma beer.

  • Maybe my perspective is off, but that looks like a two-story building.

  • For those of you complaining of a lack of a good steakhouse in the neighborhood. La Bonne across the street is really good, and $22 for a filet mignon can not be beat. Great frittes too. (Freedom Fries)

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