L’Enfant Flowers Coming to 705 Kennedy St, NW

“Dear PoP,

Last week I told you about “Klassy Kakes” moving into 705 Kennedy and you got some good feedback. I haven’t notice any movement yet but next door a New business will be moving in at 703 Kennedy.
I had a chance to speak with the owners of the new business and found out that It Will be a flower shop ,”‘L’Enfant Flowers” they used to be at the L’Enfant Plaza and are now relocating to Kennedy . They also said they would be open next week sometime just in time for Mother’s Day and Easter.”

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  • its so great about all of the retail on Kennedy street

  • Yeah maybe, but too bad you have to risk your life walking up to that area at night, no freakin’ way.

    • maybe if you came up and supported new and existing local businesses on Kennedy you wouldn’t be so scared of it. It’s a great corridor with a lot of potential.

  • Er, not to be nitpicking, but the headline says the flower shop is coming to 705 Kennedy, while the blog post says 703.

  • Did not see that coming. Kennedy would be the last strip in NWDC I would have expected a flower shop to open. I wish them the best of luck.

  • That’s great! A bakery with all kinds of bake goods and a flower shop right next door to each other. How great can that be. I am so glad that my neighborhood is up and coming now. I am so happy that we are getting some positive talk instead of negative words about Kennedy Street. Maybe all of this will push out the bad folks and bring all types of people to the neighboorhood. Good Luck to both businesses, Klassy Kakes and L’Enfant Florist. I wish you both success.

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