Judging Row Houses – Contrast and Potential edition

I just thought the contrast of these two was striking. From 14th and Taylor St, NW. Looks like the beat up one is for sale so hopefully it looks like its sibling next door relatively soon.

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  • I pass by this nearly everyday and think the same thing. I noticed the other day that there appears to be a tree branch poking through the upstairs window. This is, unfortunately, more than a ‘needs a little TLC to make it shine’ type of situation.

  • this building is such an eyesore. Is someone paying vacant/blighted property tax on this thing?

    • ah

      How much would it suck to have a common wall with a vacant house?

      • Not all that much IMO, as long as it was structurally sound. No noise complaints seems like a plus to me.

        • janie4

          Eh – I do,not always fabulous. Leaving aside back yard issues, while there are no noise complaints, not much I can do about rodents from that house.

  • Nothing an afternoon at Home Depot can’t fix.

  • I just Redfin-ed it’s happy self, but didn’t see it listed – am I missing something?

  • A friend of mine is looking at fixer-uppers and he wanted to look inside this place, but it is more or less a shell and needs way more work than he could do. I don’t know why it doesn’t show up on Redfin, here’s the listing (it says “Under Contract” now – personally, we couldn’t figure out if “trustee sale” and “subject to court approval” meant it was a foreclosure or part of a bankruptcy settlement): http://hometryst.com/dc/4024-14th-st-nw-washington-dc-20011-mls-dc7451036/

    • We bought our house as a trustee sale – the old man who owned it was in a home, and his kids had fought over the price one of the daughters got for another house the family owned in the same neighborhood (a flipper bought it and made a huge profit) and the house looked like he had just stepped out for a smoke, with year old milk in the fridge and Christmas decorations still up. The disadvantage is that there’s not much price flexibility, because you are dealing with a lawyer and the court has to approve any price changes, and that takes 30 to 90 days etc.

  • $499k.. not that bad actually (obviously not knowing anything of the condition) for a developer, the building/house is massive. Will make a nice several condo/apartment conversion.

  • it’s ok to pass by there, but I’m not sure I would want to live right there. a little too much street activity.

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