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  • must be a pretty cool room.

  • can’t really tell what the material is on the windows — if that be wood or shutter _vinyl_

    IMO it looks like it sticks out like a sore thumb. If I was doing this I would probably try to use copper on the window trim and make it as ornate as possible.

    A cosmetic fix might just be as easy as painting the window trim a darker color.

    • material is hard to discern, but they do open up, which is a nice touch. i too would paint them dark.

  • The architect of this house is James G. Hill, who designed many outstanding public buildings and residences in DC from the 1880s to the 1900s. (Some prominent ones that are still standing: Old Bureau of Printing and Engraving at 14th and Independence NW, Govt. Printing Office on N. Capitol St., National Bank of Washington—now PNC Bank—at 7th St. and Indiana Ave. NW, the Ontario and Mendota apartment houses in Adams Morgan.) Judging from the design of a similar house designed by Hill, the third floor of this corner tower is original, and featured an open porch, with narrow wood columns at the corners to support the tower roof. The porch has been enclosed. It was done quite some time ago, however. Certainly before 1992, when I started working in the neighborhood.

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