Judging Restaurants – Martha’s Cafe

I know we’re not talking fine dining but sometimes these places are the best. For Martha’s Cafe located at 4608 14th St, NW I’m particularly interested to know if anyone has tried the fried chicken? Is this a hidden gem or “hidden” with good reason?

Ed. Note: A few weeks ago we had a conversation and I mentioned 14th Street Heights and a commenter said that it didn’t exist. These signs start up around 14th St, NW at Allison or Buchanan:

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  • I used to live in the unclaimed no man’s land that is the perhaps non-existent 14th Street Heights, and Martha’s is a good solid grill that does a decent breakfast and some good El Salvadorian and Mexican standards. I remember that the carne deshilada con huevo was almost as good as the one at El Rinconcito.

  • I can’t quite figure out why there are signs that say 14th street heights there. As far as I know, the city calls that area 16th street heights (though I know some in the area think 16th street heights only extends to 14th and not to the other side of the street.) So, I have to say that I agree with your commentor – it does not exist, but apparently someone is trying or was trying to get it to exist.

  • Is that sign about to fall off?

    • I think so – but it has to be, b/c that section of 14th is zoned such that it’s all required to look disheveled (oh, except Highland’s…and the solar place, of course – and maybe a few others.) Seriously, some of the businesses on that stretch need to get the junk out of their windows (trash, dead plants, sun-bleached signs, etc.) Just sayin’.

  • I’m dying for this strip to pick it up a bit. I need a nice little neighborhood hangout that’s just around the corner. I’ve remembered this area being called 14th St. Heights since the days of Colorado Kitchen when it was trying to have a little bit of its own identity. While it’s probably not an official neighborhood, I like it.

  • Tivoli Way North

  • I live near 14th & Hamilton NW and I’m surprised at how many people in the DC metro area haven’t heard of 16th Street Heights. I usually have to default to north of Columbia Heights.

    It’s a great neighborhood but I certainly miss Colorado Kitchen. I wish they would come back. The intersection of 14th & Colorado is looking good with two remodeled condo/apartment buildings and a make over of some retail space. It is a much nicer block than just a few years ago.

  • who cares if they try to brand it as 14th Street Heights, for criminy sake? Signs trying to draw people to the stores on 14th street would seem odd if they used the name “16th street heights” (which is, i think we can all agree, the proper name for the neighborhood as a whole).

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