Judging Restaurants – La Loma

La Loma is located at 316 Massachusetts Ave NE. I’ve always thought this section of Mass Ave had the greatest patio areas. Does the food match the awesomeness of the patio?

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  • Food is meh. Margaritas are meh.

    That said, I haven’t found a whole lot that’s better. On that front, I miss Texas 🙁

  • It’s laughable that this restaurant would even be featured. In short: no!

  • Worst “Mexican” food on the Hill. Best outdoor space.

  • not as good a la lomita dos

  • Love it. But that’s in comparison to Guapos (other side of town) and Lauriol Plaza.

  • Not only does this restaurant offer spacious patio dining on warmer days, they also have really good food for reasonable prices. I just ate here on Sunday and had the chicken enchiladas — and I love the beans and rice. It all tastes very home cooked. Chips and salsa = fresh and delicious. And I like the margaritas, too, but I like frozen with salt which I know is not traditional. Other worthwhile dishes — Tacos al Carbon, Spinach Enchiladas, Ceviche…

    Normally I wouldn’t post, but I felt like I needed to counter the negative reviews because the food IS good as is the service and the atmosphere is really relaxed. Great neighborhood spot!

    • You sound like a La Loma representative. They should pay you for this lovely comment, if they aren’t already.

  • It’s not terrible, but a lot better than other terrible places. And, it’s got a baller patio.

    So, the food/drinks don’t match the awesomeness of the patio, but the patio makes it worthwhile.

  • Its good for what it is. Relatively inexpensive, good margheritas and great patio space. I’ve actually had several dishes there that are quite good. I’ve been going there for probably like 7 years and always liked it, even before they expanded the patio.

    • Exactly.

      Its not gourmet and its not the best texmex – not even the best on the hill, but its good food and its fun to eat there. Especially if you’re a hill staffer looking to sneak a beer at lunch.

  • Meh, good outdoor space that gets a lot of afternoon sun, that’s about it.

    Better off walking next door to Schneider’s, buying Patron, Cointreau, and few limes if you’re hankering for a marg.

    Las Placitas is the only worthwhile Mexadoran on the Hill.

    • +1 for Las Placitas!

      La Loma is nice for atmosphere on a lovely spring day, but the food leaves something to be desired.

    • Third Las Placitas. Decent food that won’t make your pants explode and they don’t stick you with a bill for the month’s rent.

    • Fourth Las Placitas. Love it there.

      La Loma’s food is as bad as their patio is great. Sangria is good though.

  • If you’re solely looking for a great spot to eat, then this is a pretty good one.

    If you’re looking for average and upward Tex-Mex go elsewhere.

    Not to mention, they charge for refills on soft drinks.

  • yes the east coast sucks at mexican food. we’ve allll had to deal with it. this place has never let me down. Drinks are strong, food is pretty good and not very pricey and the servers are really nice. Inside and outside i’ve had a great time. Especially good when i think of all those suckers overpaying and waiting in line at lauriol.

  • I like La Loma. The food isn’t excellent, but there are some things that are quite good. And the atmosphere is great!

  • Hill Rat hangout, bad Mexican.

  • Long story short, I’m almost certain I had my credit card information taken from there.

    Aside from that, the margaritas aren’t that amazing, and their prices don’t justify the quantity/quality of the food.

    I haven’t gone back there in a while, for what should be an obvious variety of reasons.

  • I love the patios in this area, but I have never had decent food or service from any of the restaurants. I will continue going back because I like drinking outdoors. The owners of these places know there are enough people like me so that they don’t have to actually do anything to improve their shoddy quality of food/service.

  • Food is mediocre. I like all the other restaurants on that strip better, especially since you have to wait for a seat at La Loma.

    the new Bistro Cacao next door is great.

    White Tiger Indian across the street like La Loma. Fabulous deck, but food is so-so.

    Cafe Berlin, the food is decent, but overpriced. Love the steins of beer though.

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