Judging Restaurants – El Torogoz (reader request)

A reader writes:

“Can we judge El Torogoz? My parents are visiting next week and I was trying to figure out restaurant options near the house. I have never been there and I was wondering if this is a good place.”

El Torogoz is located at 4231 9th St NW (just north of Upshur). While it’s been a while – I’ve always enjoyed the food there. As some may mention – occasionally the jukebox plays at a pretty loud volume but other than that I’ve had very pleasant experiences. I remember being surprised at how much I liked the ceviche. Anyone else check out El Torogoz?

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  • What?!! You don’t want to take them to the welcoming warmth of Domku for some gravlax and goulash?

  • I have been a few times the food was pretty good but the music was so loud you couldn’t even hold a conversation with the person sitting next to you.

    If it is warm and you can sit outside then go for it. If it is too cold to sit outside then I would go somewhere else.

  • We got takeout from there once and it was pretty tasty. Can’t speak to the atmosphere.

  • Been there a few times. It’s ok, but the bar really wants to be a nightclub. We went there with our kids and it turned out not to be very family freindly. However, my son does love to sing the Trogdor song whenever go past it.

  • It’s one of my neighborhood standards. Outside in the summer is the best. I think everything I’ve ordered has been good to great. The atmosphere inside can be unpredictable — oftentimes small groups of people eating dinner, but sometimes the bar is full of guys who have been there drinking too long, loud but harmless.
    I was very disappointed when they tinted the windows because IMO it makes is uninviting. I think it was a climate control issue. Staff is very friendly.

  • I’ve been for dinner a few times and have done take out a few times. As mentioned, the music is often quite loud. The food ain’t bad, though, and the service is super friendly. Prices are perfectly reasonable. If the weather is nice, they have a couple of tables out in front where you can eat a little more peacefully. In general, I would say that it is one of the better places in the neighborhood.

    For taking the parents, another possibility a little further down Georgia is Top Spanish Restaurant, which has a somewhat broader menu, more subdued music, and generally aims a little higher.

  • With the sidewalks repaired and the improvements in the streetscape, libary and view from this location, I hope to see this place take off this spring/summer. They certainly have great food and a nice attitude. As for the music, just ask nicely and they’ll turn it down some. I don’t know about you all but I would love to have a neighborhood place (another aside from Domku) where I can chill out with a Corona on a warm evening!

  • Haven’t been to El Torogoz, but another alternative (awesome food, friendly staff, no loud music) a little further up Georgia (near Critenden) is Moroni & Brothers.

    Both the pizza and the comida latina are excellent!

  • I second Moroni Brothers and the Indian joint next door (can’t think of the name right now)

  • My husband and I love this place for weekend lunch. We’re often the only people there at that time of day — it’s great not having to wait an hour for brunch, but I do hope more neighbors start showing up! I took my parents there last year in warm weather when we could sit outside and they had a great time trying pupusas and negra modelo for the first time. As with most Salvadoran/Mexican restaurants in the area, the Salvadoran is better (and more authentic) than the Tex-Mex staples.

  • OP here. Thanks for all the suggestions! If the weather warms up next week I will give it a shot. About the suggestions for other places I just wanted to say that I love Moroni Brothers and I’m definitely taking my parents there. I went to Top Spanish once and I liked the food and the staff was friendly, but it felt weird that we were the only people there.

  • We get takeout from here. Its good. I rike the chickens.

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