Judging Restaurants – B. Smith

B. Smith is located in Union Station at 50 Massachusetts Ave NE. Their Website says:

“B. Smith’s at Union Station features a combination of Cajun, Creole and Southern cuisine. Located in Washington, DC’s Historic Union Station, B. Smith’s grand Beaux Arts style dining room with its 30-foot ceilings, period chandeliers and turn of the century elegance, is a national landmark and has been called one of the most beautiful dining rooms in America. Specialties of the house include Swamp Thing – a mixed seafood dish over southern style greens in a mustard based seafood sauce; Grilled Lamb Chops with mint-flavored au jus; Fried Green Tomatoes and Spicy Cajun Jambalaya. In it’s own separate space, the bar at B. Smith’s serves as a gathering place for Washington’s political movers and shakers, celebrities and people who just want to have a good time.”

You can see their menu here. Any fans? Any must order items?

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  • meh.

    Georgia Brown’s on McPherson Square is a better choice, I think.

    • Not.A.Chance.

      Having dined and had special events at both (granted several years ago), B.Smith’s hands down.

      • Both are excellent examples of expensive, poorly executed upscale soul food. BSmiths is marginally better, but not worth going out of the way for.

        • +100

          for fancy pants soul food, I MUCH prefer Eatonville. for down home cooking, its Levi’s Port Cafe on lower 8th st SE

  • ridiculously expensive tourist trap

  • saf

    Beautiful space, bad food.

  • go to Bayou instead! this place is overpriced and not that good.

  • The food was just ok, the waiter tried harder than I’d think possible to upsell us on every single item, the service was slow and the credit card machine was down, so it took us an hour to actually pay the check.

  • Been there once (that I paid for), agree that it is a way overpriced for medicore quality tourist trap.

    Eaten there twice for free during various corporate holiday functions. Seems to be a popular place for companies to hold them.

    • I second the “good for corporate events”. I’ve only been there for work-related functions, and each time it was just ok. The “Swampthang” (i.e. their signature dish) has some thought put into it, but nothing that blows you away.

      Also, I hear their Sunday brunch might be a better deal.

  • Can anyone remember the name of the Mexican place that was there before?

    • I think you’re thinking of Thunder Grill, which was still there last time I checked – it’s next door to B. Smith’s. But I admit I haven’t eaten there for years. It’s truly, truly awful. I’d say it’s the worst restaurant at Union Station, but there’s so much competition for that title – America!, Pizzeria Uno, East Street Cafe, yuck, yuck, yuck.

  • It’s….fine.

    I wouldn’t say it is bad food, but it isn’t amazing. The space is great, overall a nice place to take friends visiting who want to “see DC” and aren’t too worried about having the best food in the city.

    I tend to go for lunch meetings with people in town…not as expensive as the dinner menu.

  • I’ve been here because I work near Union Station and there are so MANY restaurants yet so few that are any good…this place definitely works when you want to have a nice lunch in walking distance. The architecture of the dining room is pretty spectacular – maybe 30 ft ceilings, and very old school DC. The food is decent but nowhere near as special as the room you’re eating it in, but it still works. You can get lunch for $15 BTW which is not bad considering you’ll pay $10 at Au Bon Pain.

  • I love their weekend brunch buffet or $35. Huge buffet, and unlimited champagne.

    I am not such a fan for dinner though.. and it tends to be pretty empty in late-evening hours.

  • I have eaten at BSmith’s many times over the years. The staff is professional. The food is fantastic. The selections are varied. The atmosphere is great and it’s a romantic place to take a date or spouse.

    4.5 out of 5 stars.

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