Judging New(ish) Row Homes – Hill East

This is an interesting one. I’m not hating on the vinyl (I’m not loving it either, full disclosure, my own has vinyl though it’s certainly not my favorite feature) but really let’s ignore the vinyl siding on this one for a moment – have you ever seen windows like this that sorta meet to form a triangle? It’s a bit unusual, yeah? Anyone like the style?

A positive is the nice coffee/mojito spot up top.

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  • hideous.

  • such should be banned, ugggliiieeeyy, though the upper porch would be nice to have off the bedroom…

  • is it really that expensive to have the front made of brick?

  • The triangle window is a waste of space AND it’s ugly. Should have squared it off.

  • Please explain: What are the boundaries of “Hill East?” “Hill East” must not be a part of Capitol Hill. If it is, I don’t believe this siding and pop-up is allowed.

    • I think I know where this is, if this is where I think it is, this is outside of the Capitol Hill Historic District which means the boundaries of what can be done to a house are a bit different, especially if this was not an older home that was converted.

    • Hill east is generally defined as being east of 10th/11th out to the river. Some people say eastern market east, others in between and some as it applies here say it starts at 13th street where the historic district ends. the west side of 13th street is within the district, the east side of 13th street is outside the district.

      As far as the boundary to the south, it is the river/freeway. To the north it again becomes hazy, used to be east cap, then it was maryland, now some folks try to claim the end of H street.

  • I’m not usually a fan of murder – but in this case. . .

    Unequivocally bad by any standards in any world at any time. And not dramatically bad – just sadly, pathetically,dully, tediously bad. Bad like plastic slipcovers and Gideon bibles, cheap crayons, no-brand canned green beans, dollar store underwear, most furniture from 1973, all teeth-whitening products, stinkbugs, old lady ground-down slippers, kiddie rides in a traveling carnival, instant oatmeal.

  • oh. my. gad. The triangle isn’t that strange, PoP. There’s a group of 3 townhouses on 13th St NW just north of Otis with the same setup. Minus vinyl.


  • Concept good – execution is terrible. It should have been done in stucco with some steel accents. There are too many competing horizontal lines with the current siding.

  • I like it! Admittedly, the material isn’t pretty, but I like the shape and clean design. This would’ve been gorgeous in concrete.

  • The vinyl siding is terrible, but I like the design.

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