Judging Former and Future Buildings in NoMa – Future NPR Building

I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m fascinated by the skeletal building that will become NPR headquarters on North Capitol St, NE by L in NoMa. Doesn’t it look wild at this stage?

And nearby I tried to get a little artistic with the reflection on this new building:

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  • i like the future npr building just the way it is. put in some bathrooms, some grills, picnic tables and call it a park.

  • I just called Michelle Bachmann, she said as far as she is concerned the building is finished and looks great!

  • There is already a Sat dish on the roof? Seems very early in the construction to toss one of those up there.

    • I work at NPR, they had to put the satellite early and do some tests to be sure that they can receive/send signal properly before continuing with the construction.

      • That’s a big risk if it doesn’t work out!

        • My guess is it’s been there since it was just a lot and has gone up as the building has, if indeed they needed to make sure they could get a signal before construction.

  • how are they gonna afford it now that the government isn’t going to just give them money anymore?

    • Well NPR gets a very small fraction of their budget from the U.S. government. Of course that doesn’t stop the Feds from trying to boss them around.

      That building used to house the exhibits production department of the Smithsonian. And several other light industrial creative type industries. Wonder where they got pushed off to.

      • Partially answered my own question: the Office Exhibit Central is now in Landover. More light industry and creative industry jobs pushed out to suburbs.

        Um, neat?

        • yeah. that part blows. the slow rezoning of dc that is making it nearly impossible to find a place zoned industrial or light industrial blows too. it’s all moving to pg county. good for street safety and craft beer bars though. bad for additional breweries.

    • they sold their more valuable building on mass ave.

  • “Well NPR gets a very small fraction of their budget from the U.S. government”

    They shouldn’t get any US govt. money at all.

  • Artomatic venue anyone

  • Is that shell formerly white, deco style building? Based on the side visible in the photo, it appears to be, but I hope not….

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