Judging Buildings – Van Ness

Have you ever seen a green brick building like this? What do you think – 50s? 60s?

And here’s a bonus sweet weather vane from a firehouse, Engine 41/Rescue Squad 4, a few blocks north (on Connecticut Ave, NW):

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  • that is an amazing weather vane!!!! yeah! weathervanes!

  • Older…1930’s

    • Emmaleigh504

      Really? It looks 50s to me, but I’m no expert. I like no matter when it was built.

    • I agree – from the style of the entrance and channel letters above it looks pretty Art Deco period to me.

      1920s to 1030s.

      • definitely the 1030’s. you can tell because theres not letter ‘J’ or ‘i”. also, it was built by King Olaf as a pleasure palace. he would say to his wife, ” where am i going? i’m going to visit clarence.” then he would pick a random floor.

        this is how upper northwest dc was populated, pre-gentrification, of course. little bastard children.

  • Clarence House was built in 1964. We had friends in that building in the ’80’s, if I recall correctly it was very inexpensive.

  • I used to live in the Frontenac – the next building up – and I would always use the ‘seafoam green’ building as a landmark for people walking from the metro! Never been inside, though.

  • I had a one night stand in that building in 2004. Time flies.

  • I love Clarence House. Very unique. I’ve heard it’s a pretty nice building and not too expensive.

  • My wife lived there a long time ago. Great place and it wasn’t too expensive.

  • It’s definitely mid 1960s. I lived there a couple years ago and at one point they ripped all the wallpaper off the hall. Underneath were notes from the builders dated to 1964, I believe.

    The building is much nicer on the inside than out, though the distinctive color made it easy to tell visitors how to find it. Great rent and an adorable landlady.

  • While I can see the art deco’ish references -it’s most clearly from the 60s when colored brick was in vogue. Also – it’s very ‘international style’ which was the only style most banks would approve of for construction for whatever reason.

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