Judging Buildings – Future Jack Rose

The plywood has finally come down from the future Jack Rose at 2007 18th St, NW. I can’t wait to see the inside.

But from the outside, how do you think the building turned out? You like the copper?

What do you think about the big advertisement on the side?

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  • This block is a graveyard of half-hatched business plans…best of luck.

  • I think it’s an amazing improvement from “PLAY HARD!” which was on the facade for about 5 years. While I liked the fact that it was a boxing gym and offered something different to the neighborhood, it never quite stuck. Plus having 2 gyms (MINT and Sterling) within a block didn’t help it either..

    It’s just refreshing to see someone take time and care in creating a truly different space for the neighborhood. Only sucky thing is that the 18th Street Streetscaping project (which we were warned would take 2 years) will put a bit of a damper on their opening, but I’m sure they’ll be fine despite that. Can’t wait for the opening!

    • It was called Third Power Fitness and I don’t think they were attracting the same clientele as MINT (which came later), like at all.

  • Can’t say I love it. Sometimes though, the inside can change my opinion of the outside, if there’s some kind of over arching theme.

  • As a copper investor, I had heard that they use copper in construction. Now, I know what “they” mean.

    VERY INTERESTED TO SEE FINISHED PRODUCT — BBQ right (please)? Also, curious how they’ll use the upstairs balcony(-ies).

  • Next step is to demolish Buffaletta pizza next door. That place has contributed enough to bad service and IBS in the area.

  • This looks really cool in person, and its great to see some new, higher profile restaurants coming to 18th.

  • I kinda like it. Not the best, but better than most. As to the billboard, I wish it did not overlap the copper. It would be great if it could have fit in the recessed part in gray.

  • Wonder how long before the copper gets stolen

  • I like the copper, but the billboard looks tacky and I’m surprised such a thing is permitted in that area.

  • The billboard has been up for a long time and I’m guessing is a part of the lease or similar – something that the new restaurant couldn’t change as a tenant.

    I think the design looks great, and actually the picture doesn’t do it justice. I’m excited for the multiple balconies and I think it will be a great addition to my neighborhood.

  • Looks great. I wish that Lauriol Plaza overflow lot would have something done,

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