Judging Bars – Iron Horse Tap Room

Iron Horse opened up back in Jan. ’10 at 507 7th Street, NW in Penn Quarter. While they don’t serve food, I’m curious what folks think about the space as a bar – any fans?

And a little side note scuttlebutt: I’m hearing that the owners have plans to open a nearby comedy club soon. Stay tuned for more info on that one.

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  • It sucks. The beer sucks, the crowd sucks, and those bikes should be on the street, not pinned to the wall like a goddamned applebee’s.

    • The beer selection is actually pretty good, pretty reasonably priced, and a pretty decent happy hour.

      Everything else is accurate.

  • Great beer selection with games and what not to wind down after work or for a few drinks with friends. Its like rocket bar but they stepped up their beer game and turn some lights on.

    • It’s owned by the same group as Rocketbar, hence the similarities.

      I used to work with the GM at Iron Horse, and he definitely knows where it’s at. Runs a tight ship too, so no risk of Iron Horse developing that signature RocketBar funk.

  • I really like it when it’s not mobbed full of sports fans before or after a game at the Verizon Center. Their tap list is usually top-notch and the happy hour deal is great. I only wish they opened for lunch on the weekends so I could bring in some Merzi or other nearby food to enjoy with a beer.

  • It’s great after work when it’s not too crowded, but it turns into just another shit Penn Quarter bar on the weekends, overcrowded with annoying tools.

  • Very strong selection on the taps – fair prices. Also love that their happy hour runs til 8.

  • Great happy hour with room for big groups.

  • im a fan. do a shuffleboard league there. tons of great beers and not overly douchey.

    alex should prob stick to h st.

  • I agree that it’s a great great spot on weeknights and to be avoided on weekends. The skee ball and beer selection alone would keep me coming back. But its proximity to every Metro line is another boon — convenient for those, like me, who live in SE but still have friends who don’t know how to take anything but the Red line.

  • It’s rocket bar, but doesn’t smell like a foot.

  • it makes me think of a bar at dewey beach. or myrtle beach. or some other trashy touristy place.

    its the kind of place you go to to get hammered. the acoustics suck. it’s loud. plan on standing unless you get there early.

    the bartenders are all cool. they pour generously and the prices aren’t bad.
    the place was decorated by a very cool dc artist.

  • I like the place okay. It is definitely a newer, less smelly, version of Rocket Bar. The crowd is pretty typical for Penn Quarter/Gallery Place. I walk by there frequently, and it seems to be doing well – in fact – I often see a line out front on Fri. and Sat. nights. Decent beer, but certainly not worth standing in line for.

  • I like it alot better than the empty storefront it was for years before it opened.

    It’s among my preferred places to get a drink in the neighborhood, can be somewhat under the radar, crowd is okay. Music not awful when I’ve been there.

  • From the looks of the bouncers at the door and the clientele through the windows, it might as well be called The Nickelback Tap Room.

  • Good happy hour, relatively good beers on tap, shuffle board, skee ball and plenty of space to mingle (it’s not just the upstairs…)

    I’d say it’s the best you’d get in Chinatown.

  • Not sure where all the negative comments are coming from, really good beer selection, pretty lively, upstairs is chill, downstairs much busier. I agree it gets too packed sometimes, just avoid the rush hour.

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