Judging Backs of Rowhouses – 18th St, NW

Whoa – this is awesome! I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. Anyone happen to know when it was built. Again from looking at the front you’d have no idea there is a super modern addition on the back. It’s from 18th St, NW near Riggs. Do you guys like it as much as I do?

One more shot plus the front also has one of my favorite stained glass pieces in the city after the jump.

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  • Yeah that’s rad, like a mini skyscraper.

  • It was built within the last 2 years. I used to live across the alley from this building, and it used to have a really bad addition in the place of this really cool new glass corner cube.

  • Super awesome

    Though I hope that tree in the back is sturdier than it looks.

  • Isn’t it beautiful. I started cutting through the alley just so I could see it lit up in the evening.

  • I like the clever partially covered parking…..

  • VERY nice. Wish more people could afford to build better quality additions and to juxtapose modern with old like this! Come to think of it, wish more construction (e.g. condominiums) in general in the US would do the latter more often rather than try to mimic the old.

  • This was designed by David Jameson architect and built by my company, The Ley Group. We just completed it a month ago after a year of construction. Nothing about this project was typical….the entire structure was shop-built steel and each floor is concrete with radiant heated flooring, each and every part was custom made….I could go on about the details forever…anyway, thanks for the kind words. It makes all the effort worth while…this was not an easy thing to build!!

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