It’s Spring – Old City Green Opens Saturday

Old City Green is located in the lot at the corner of 9th and N St, NW.

From an email:

NOW is the time for our Third Opening!

We’ve been cleaning up our yard and making space for new product such as: spinach, lettuce, strawberries, and a few herbs. Not to mention a plethora of colorful pansies and snapdragons.

We will be open from 9 – 6:30

There will be snacks and drinks!!

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  • Question for the masses: where’s the best place to buy seedlings for food plants?

  • Re: seedlings, home depot has all your basics for cheap, but no one there can answer a single question. i actually usually buy any seedlings i want at the mount pleasant farmers market; a few of the booths will have seedlings all spring.

    i was just at gingko gardens, and they don’t have that sort of thing out yet (it’s early for veg seedlings), but they will. same, i imagine, with old city green.

  • If you want variety, borrow a car and head out to Meadow Farms in Arlington. You’ll never shop at an overpriced city garden center again. Another good way to go is to order seeds from someplace (like Seeds of Change, which has a great variety of heirloom tomatoes and an awesome greens selection, stuff like oak leaf lettuce, baby bok choy and mizuna) and start them yourself. When we had a country garden we found the self-started seedlings were more resistant to harsh conditions and bugs than the store bought ones. But it was good to have a mix because the store plants were bigger with a head start at the greenhouse.
    The cheapest place I’ve found to buy plants (if all you need is a few popular hybrid tomato plants) is…WalMart.
    It’s a little early to hit the nurseries unless you are getting early blooming trees, I think going in another couple of weeks you’ll get better variety – call first. Last frost around here is still mid April.
    Johnson’s at Van Ness and Wisconsin is pretty good in a pinch.

  • Oh, and does anyone have any thoughts about the Lancaster CSA that drops off at Old City Green? I was thinking about signing up for a CSA this year, and I don’t know if one is any better than another around here?

  • A fun way to get your planting on is to take a trip out to the beach in April and then stop and load up on plants at one of the roadside produce markets on the way home.

  • Or you can support a local, small business and get your seedlings from places like Old City Green!! Also, knocks down your carbon footprint unlike driving out to the burbs. Welcome back Old City Green, see you on Tuesday

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