Interesting Alley Art

This is from U St, NW on the side of the old State of the Union building underneath this classic:

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  • Love the political art. Is the new one supposed to be a repressive Arab leader sweating bullets over the growing protests?

  • Artist is Scott Lefavor, I think he was in town for a gallery show.

  • I like the sweaty guy. The lower one is double creepy.

  • I’m pretty sure it is Mayor Gray as he is “sweating” over the payroll/crony/nepotism scandal.

  • The lower one is so soviet. Not sure how it relates to us. We don’t use sickles. We don’t even eat bread made with wheat harvested by people with sickles. Could have a combine driver.

    If the mural is meant to represent the hardworking common Washingtonian it should be some paralegal intern still working at 2 a.m. or the backstock guy at Comfort One.

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