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  • Look at that huge ivy covered tree stump in the foreground of the island photo. It must have been devastating to lose that tree. It looks like it truly anchored the property.

  • That property is awesome.

  • Killer wrap around covered porch.

    Properly landscaped it could be an oasis, a private island in the city on to itself.

  • I went to a party there about 5 years ago. Six students were renting it. Great place.

  • That’s on my street – I adore that house – total house envy!

  • I lived there for a year back in the early nineties. it is a great house, but smaller inside than you would think. after we all moved out they renovated the top floor and turned it into a master suite. i toured it shortly after that, when it was for sale for about $1.2 million.

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