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While this house from Colorado Ave, NW near the Tennis Center is pretty sweet, I had to feature it for another reason. In the photo above you can see a green bottle in the foreground. 99 times out of 100 when I see a green bottle like this it is a Heineken bottle.

Well, I just found that 1 time out of 100 and learned how they roll at White Oaks – they roll Pellegrino style. You don’t get more badass than that…

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  • That Pellegrino bottle is hilarious.

  • They probably drink it while riding the elevator inside.

  • i hate seeing the rich drinking in their private elevators. the doors open, they toss out the bottles, and then ride back up into their 3rd floor study.
    damn feral rich.
    who knows where they defecate.
    it’s like they have nothing better to do.

  • How awesome is it to have an estate with a name?

  • This house appears to have been used as the 2001 design house. There are a few interior shots on this website:

  • Owner info:

    Judith Terra purchased 4845 Colorado Avenue, N.W. from Hortensia T.Allen for $1.925 million. Her current house at 3263 N Street. Georgetown is on the market. Judith F. Terra is co-founder of the Terra Museum of American Art in Chicago and the Mus�e d�Art Americain de Giverney in France. She is rumored to be considering moving the Terra Foundation (which operates both museums) and its art holding to D.C. Terra is the widow of the late Daniel J. Terra, President Reagan�s U.S. Ambassador for Cultural Affairs who was also a chemical industry magnate.

  • So glad you featured this house. I love to drive down this block and gawk at the houses. Each one is more interesting than the next, and I’ve always wondered about their histories. I knew the PoP-ville commentariat would step up.

    Feature more!

    • My parents live on the street, and the history isn’t so exciting. The one good story is their neighbor’s house was burned (almost to the ground) by the 40-something year old Russian Bride of the 70-something year old, recently widowed owner of the house. His previous “marriage” was a scam as he had actually abandoned his first wife and never married the lady he was living with and calling his wife all these years (the one who just passed away). They were rebuilding after the fire, but got slapped by DCRA for having an illegal apartment in their basement and then again by the Fine Arts Preservation group for having the audacity to put in vinyl windows on the side of their house that faced the park (the park being a art treasure somehow).

  • This nice house was built in 1923 at a staggering cost of $73,000 for George B. Bryan. It was designed by the Pierson and Wilson architectural firm.

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