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  • Sorry to hear this. I will keep my eyes wide open.

  • Thanks for the post, will keep my eyes open.

  • Any news on the little pup?

  • None so far. I’ve used findtoto.com that calls the neighbors. I hope it works….because Chloe was my mom’s and we were just watching her because my mom had a bad accident in December and is recovering.

  • Right after I posted the last message, we got a call that the dog was found…we went and retrieved her….all is well..thanks everyone!

  • Oh I’m so glad! I live in the area and was trying to keep an eye out. Glad she’s back with her family. 🙂

  • She was in Takoma Park!! A girl who walks dogs in Grsnt Circle picked her up 2 minutes after she got loose because she didn’t want her to get hit.

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