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  • Are they still going to be surly?

  • This place proves you can make it in DC without any business experience or brains. Should we not expect more?

    • The owners also own Marx Cafe and Veranda, both of which are quite successful. I don’t particularly care for Hellers, nor do I care much for Anonymous comments.

  • too bad they’ll still suck at being a bakery. purchasing food from heller’s and discovering that it was awful was my biggest disappointment upon moving to mt. pleasant.

  • I think their doughnuts, apple fritters and breakfast sandwiches are incredible.

  • New French bakery supposed to be opening in CH. And the new Tryst is considering adding a bakery. Seems like a bagel store/bakery really in need here. I like Helers for the ability to walk and sit in the park to eat. But the food/bagels are average.

  • They need to evolve to survive with the coming competition. Go organic and focus on quality. Also they should have designated a little money to restoring their mural.

    • I’d like to think this is true, but MtP seems to be a very sleepy corner of town. I’m not convinced there is any “coming competition” though I would definitely be happy to see it.

      • Well the bakery in DCusa will be competition. Hell even Palena in DCusa will be competition. On the coffee/pastry front the new Flying Fish Coffee on the other end of MTP street will be competition. All these businesses will funnel some degree of patrons from Hellers. All Hellers has to do is raise the bar. How bout some fresh baked Kaiser rolls and a quality deli menu. Better Bagels. Organic sweets. Everyone likes their donuts. How bout focusing on a tasty line of cake donuts. It just can’t be that hard. If I had the money to buy them out and do it myself I would.

  • i really want to like their food. i do.

    but i don’t.

  • I hope they give the entire menu a facelift. The bread sucks and is the worst in the world.

  • This city is lacking an awesome bakery in general. Yea yea there’s firehook, and whole foods has “fresh bread” but we could definitely benefit from a wonderful local establishment that knows how to bake some killer bread and has fabulous pastries. I wish we had an Acme Bakery *sigh*

    • “local establishment”. a nice way of saying high prices, low quality, not to mention keeping down rents that lead to run down neighborhoods that have great potential

      • not at all…there are amazing local bakeries in neighborhoods in pretty much every town I’ve ever lived…big city, smaller town. just takes some people who know what they’re doing. i’d rather have a rustic loaf from a local bakery than the “equivalent” from panera any day.

  • That should be a nice thing for Heller’s.

    For French bread, the best is at Calvert-Woodley.

    I also love Firehook. As a bonus, I met the owners of Firehook at a party once and they were wonderful people. Without Firehook, truly, we would have very little choice.

    • whole foods is the only place I know of in the city that actually bakes its bread on premises. it’s the only place you can find WARM bread. can anyone point me in the direction of a decent bakery that’s in NW?

      • For bread, we go to Great Harvest. There are a few in the Virginia suburbs; we go to the one in Shirlington. One of the franchises has a stand at the Petworth farmers’ market. You should give them a try.

      • doesn’t firehook bake its own bread?

        • I’m not sure about this and hopefully somebody can correct me, but I believe they bake it out in virginia and then ship it to their stores. plus, their french bread is terrible.

          • Probably true. It isn’t warm, I don’t think, ever. Firehook is good for loaves with all kinds of seeds and some Middle-Eastern style breads, and generally something you have to grab for a party.

            Does anyone know about Rodman’s? It wouldn’t surprise me if someone said they have some crazy good baked goods. They are a crazy great store.

            You are right about the millions of cookies. Who is eating those? They are filled with lard — but they’re pretty! Mmmm! Mmmm!

      • Farmer’s Markets

  • I hope it’s new management controlling the facelift. all the other decisions made in that place are pretty horrible. from a ton of wasted space to crappy, cramped, misplaced furniture to the decision to make millions of disgusting seasonal cookies.

  • I go to Hellers in part to support a local business. It serves as an important anchor for that block of Mt Pleasant. I have to agree with others though the food is so-so. I wish they could just hire a French baker for a season to teach them how to make croissants. Get a facelift, sure, but they should work on what’s behind-the-counter.

  • Dear Hellers,

    Coffee does not have to taste really bad! Please figure this out.

  • saf

    They used to be so good – they made my wedding cake.

  • not much to add — the place is very below average with rude service. It is really too bad. A very quality bakery / sandwich / coffee shop would make a killing in Mt. P and prob force Hellers and Dos Gringos to step up their games or drive them out.

  • Hellers bakery: Down grade.

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