Good Deal or Not? “Urban Grand Victorian” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 2100 1st St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Urban Grand Victorian Exciting interior in Bloomingdale 3 Bd 31/2 ba, eat in kitchen w island, lg deck, 5 wkg FPs , great room 2nd fl w atrium to 1st, huge master w/ 2 jacuzzies, hardwood floors, stain glass windows, Tons of light, great flow, Custom mill work and built ins throughout, 2 Car at attached garage English basement rental unit $1400per mo.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

The reader writes,

“I think I remember you listing a perfect morning coffee or mojito spot at this house in Bloomingdale once. I noticed it is up on the market now. Talk about a crazy interior…”

I never saw this house (though I did see one nearby. What do you guys think about this one? Think this 3 bed/3.5 bath will go for $899,900?

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  • amazing house. i think it will sell for asking.

  • the zillow estimate is 503,000. hahahaha. i would buy it for that in a heartbeat.

  • Great deal. I hope someone buys it that will preserve the single family home. I’m guessing a developer will pay near or above asking for the location and size to convert the space into condos. Either way, this house will make the buyer money. That location is only getting better and there are not many houses this size in that neighborhood.

  • saf

    OK, it’s a Queen Anne rather than a Victorian, but it is a great house.

    • Queen Anne is a type of victorian.

      “In the United States, ‘Victorian’ architecture generally describes styles that were most popular between 1860 and 1900. A list of these styles most commonly includes: Second Empire (1855–85), Stick-Eastlake (1860–ca. 1890), Queen Anne (1880–1910), Richardsonian Romanesque (1880–1900), and Shingle (1880–1900).”

      • saf

        OK, that’s cool.

        I always think gingerbread rather than turrets when I think Victorian.

      • Actually Victorian when used in Real Estate terms in DC is usually used to describe homes with the Tall Steeped roof, and shape of rowhouse, which is different from the other popular style in DC which is Wardman…Many of these were built after 1900, however, and so the analysis of Queen Anne Victorian architecture doesn’t really hold here in DC. So yes it is appropriately labeled a Victorian Styled Rowhouse…

  • That paint color is awful, and the house is crazy, but damn do I love it.

  • Will sell above asking, that is a great price for that house. Compare the the one at 100 W that had been lingering at $1.2M, then $1M, now $9x0K. That place kept some of the woodwork, but otherwise was a very cheap reno. Very surprised to see it listed this aggressively.

  • Awesome place if you like taking the bus or driving everywhere. Metro no man’s land.

    Cool place, sketchy neighborhood.

    • Its not any sketchier than most other neighborhoods that are routinely discussed on this blog. Its also not “no mans land”, as there is a bar, coffee shop/good sandwich shop, yoga studio, and community park within a few hundred feet of this house. Get your facts straight before you post some knee jerk reaction.

      The shaw metro is less than 3/4ths of a mile away.

      • houseintherear

        I live less than a block from that house, and the neighborhood is absolutely wonderful. The people in Bloomingdale are fantastic, truly.

      • a 15 min walk (yes, most people really do amble a 20-min mile) is not what i consider good metro access. it’s not that it can’t be done, but that’s just not convenient.

        • This is the I hate H st guy again.

          Red Line or Die!

        • I walk .7 miles every day and I dont walk quickly and it doesnt take me 15 minutes. stop exaggerating

          • that’s not really an exaggeration. the average walking speed is about 3.1 mph. that works out to 13 and a half minutes or so to cover 7 miles.

            i used to walk that distance to the metro station from my old apartment, and it could be 11-12 if i moved at a very brisk pace, but otherwise 14 or so.

        • I agree, I live in Bloomingdale’s north end and I hate that the metro is so far. The Green line or red line is not walking distance in any reasonable amount of time. I bike everywhere so its not a big deal, but having a reliable public transit option would be nice (The 80 bus is certainly mainly things, but reliable is not it)

          • The 80 is pretty reliable to me.

          • NextBus! Surprisingly reliable for southbound 80 buses. There aren’t many choke points that they can hit after the turnaround in Brookland. Just don’t try to time your bus stop arrival down to the minute.

          • Huh? I live in LeDroit/Bloomingdale, and the public transportation options rock. The G2 and G8 are both very reliable to get downtown or to Dupont. The Shaw metro is a 10-15 minute walk. I also can walk and/or bike to work. The 80 bus sounds like a good option too.

    • “Cool place, sketchy neighborhood.”….says the guy that probably doesn’t live in that neighborhood.

      • i live in the neighborhood. it’s still sketchy. you know it. i know it. the cops know it. we have problems here that still need to be fixed. and yes, its getting better everyday.

    • Where do you live Anony. The rule on this blog is that if you are going to label another neighborhood “sketchy”, you have to state where you live. People who live in glass houses…

  • I’ve been shocked at what rehab’d houses are going for in Bloomingdale (and parts of Eckington) in recent weeks.

    One on T Street NW just went under contract with the asking price well over 700,000. A couple on Quincy NE eitehr sold or are on the market at over 600. One on Seaton is under contract with the asking price over 700.

    I dont like what they’ve done to the inside of this house – the marble planters/banister is just weird. That metal covering on the outside doors is odd.

    I think its way over done – but its also huge. Its very taste specific, but it might go for asking because of the size, if the right buyer finds this interior appealing.

    • I definitely agree with some of this; however, I think it’s priced well for where the market is now in Bloomingdale and for how much house you’re getting.

      I don’t get those Quincy prices or the one on T. I was convinced the T street house would sell for like $650K and as recently as 2009 you could buy a fixer-upper on Quincy for $300K or slightly less. Go figure…

      • Quincy PL has been fetching high prices for the last 2+ years and they don’t stay on the market long. Prices are picking up in B’dale and surrounding area. For selfish reasons I am happy to see prices going back up.

        This house won’t go for that amount in my opinion unless like an earlier poster said, the decor is right up their alley. A shame really…

        • Not sure I agree. The only “WTF??” aspect of the interior is that fake marble banister/cactus garden. It should be easy to replace. The main stairwell screen maybe not as easy, but it’s not as hideous. The big stuff (kitchen and bathrooms) look to be tastefully done if you get past the furnishings. Paint is meant to be painted over.

    • Quite taste specific. That will likely mean that someone is not going to offer as much as what they would if some of that taste specific architecture wasn’t there (assuming they didn’t like it and were going over the cost of removal in their head). The price seems reasonable given the size so they might have figured that someone would low ball them on a higher price because of the taste specific elements.

  • This place looks like it should have more than just three bedrooms, no? 5 fireplaces, and 3 beds, just doesn’t quite add up.

    Plus, this is the most confusing virtual tour I have ever seen. ever.

    • They hollowed out half the house to install that cactus bar overlooking the downstairs. I am sure 2 rooms or more were lost then….

      • Which is just stupid as far as I am concerned. If you are going to loose rooms or do something like combine 2 pokey ones into one big one at least make the space functional. Wasted space in a city dwelling is silly.

  • With the rental income, this is a great deal. (Horribly decorated.)

  • My cat would love the litterbox bannister. Handy!

  • they must have a gotten a good deal on teal paint. Why else would every room be painted that color. I think it will sell only if the buyer plans to cut it up into condos. I like bloomingdale but if I had 900k to spend on a house it surely wouldnt be on that block. You can get a smaller house and in a much location on Cap Hill.

    • “You can get a smaller house and in a much location on Cap Hill.”

      Well, that’s kinda the point, right? You trade size for location. Hoping it’s not broken into condos, but even a lot of smaller houses in this ‘hood are going that way (there are a bunch up on Adams/Bryant). The SFH conversions are selling, but I think the asking prices are a bit high.

  • this is going to be an awesome comp

  • Liked the outside. The inside reminded me of later frank lloyd wright meets miami vice.

  • family meeting

    sister: you know, I wanted teal in my bedroom too daddy!
    brother: me 3!

  • there isn’t nearly enough teal for my taste.

  • Baller house I want it.

  • No developer is going to touch that at $899. They need it priced $100-200k lower to realize a profit.

    • Yeah, I was thinking there’s no way a to-the-nines renovation like this works for a flip. You need something way more junky to get the price right.

      Sexy house. What the hell happened? It seems like B’dale’s prices went up a lot in the last, say, 2 years.

      FWIW one the of the other blogs mentioned (was it DC Mud or Urban Turf?) that 20002, i.e., H Street corridor 4 family homes are up something like 30% year on year. Doesn’t mean homes appreciated that much necessarily (because flips could be responsible for most of the volume), but damn. All I have to say is damn. I’m wondering what B’dale’s stats are.

      I think B’dale is becoming Hill lite — for families who want a greater amount of urban amenities within close driving distance.

  • Dear listing agents: Internet-based ads do not cost you per letter used. Please use real words. Thanks.

    Ok, before submitting I double checked, and Pop is quoting ‘the flier.’ I’m pretty sure one can use full words on a flier too without too much extra cost.

    Now, back to my beer.

  • $900k for a house that needs some work in crimey Bloomingdale? no thanks!

    • Crimey? Seriously. This is getting old. You are no more likely to be a victim or witness of crime in Bloomingdale than you are in a ton of other neighborhoods that are regarded as less “crimey”.

  • I felt dizzy and a little nauseous looking at the pictures.

    That’s a comment I have never left about any prior house, not even the Mansion on O Street or Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna.

  • Actually, we do have character restrictions in the MLS system which is where most of the flyers are made from….

  • what is that bizarre contraption of a ceiling fan that seems to have two ceiling fans at the end of a main rotor? looks like some weird rube goldberg invention.

    despite the oddities of the house, it’s freakin amazing. i love the brick outdoor patio.

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