Good Deal or Not? “motorized blackout curtain” edition

This condo is located at 500 M St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Sunlight, Style & Sophistication in Mt. Vernon Square. Walk to Metro, Safeway, restrnts, shopping & gym. High ceilings, fab gourmet kit w/ granite & ss + amenities rarely found at this price point-heated flrs, 2 flat screens, audio sys w/ in wall iPod dock & touchscreen controls, motorized blackout curtain, tankless H20 htr, instant hot water, heated towel racks, custom closet, front loading W/ D.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Very curious to hear what folks think of this one – this 1 bed/1 bath is going for $289,000 ($149.10 monthly condo fee). Sound realistic?

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  • Unsure why they staged it with an Abercrombie and Fitch portrait in the Master – pretty sure that demographic is not in the market for a condo

    • What demographic are you talking about? Do you mean young couples? This place seems perfect for that.

      Sound like a super realistic good deal to me. What a beaufitul reno too.

      • I’m curious about what demographic this would appeal to as well. Lots of people in their mid-20’s without cars would be looking for something like this.

    • I think that A&F add paid for the condo.

    • I was wondering the same thing… Perhaps the same parents that buy their kids $200 jeans from Abercrombie might also buy them a $289,000 condo so maybe it is smart staging after all!

    • STAGED?? I could be mistaken, but I’ve never seen that many clothes and shoes in a staged unit. Maybe I just don’t get to that many open houses. Doesn’t matter. “Demographics” in this neighborhood, and lots of other neighborhoods are in flux constantly. In places that I would barely drive through years ago, the street scene and fixed-up buildings are just awe inspiring.

      • Clarification – the demographic I was referring to, to which A&F caters, is tweens and teens. Not so much in the market for a condo – apologies for suggesting anything else!

        • +1 MishiL!

          I am always confused when I see people over the age of 24 with Abercrombie & Fitch clothing as part of the regular rotation in their wardrobes…with that said, I do think that this is not staged, it’s owner occupied.

  • Other than the hideous front door, this is one of the best basement renovations I’ve seen in a while. They did a meticulous job and the price is perfect for the market. If they change the front door they would get a contract within days – hell, I’d even buy it!

  • Great if you don’t like the sun or fresh air.

  • I like M Street in that ‘hood. BUt over 500/foot for a basement reno in a so-so neighborhood is too much. Someone who bought a condo in 2008 is not going to sell it for a 70k profit right now. It will go in the low 200s IMO, though good luck to the seller.

  • Price seems high for a basement. This one looks like a better option, and it has a parking spot:

  • I’d need to see a picture of the motorized blackout curtain before I could possibly make a call on this.

  • I’m thinking this will go just shy of asking.

  • Is that front door legal? It looks like you take a big step down when you cross the threshold.

  • Why do you need blackout curtains in a basement? What light do you think you’re blocking out?

  • I want a law that every BASEMENT condo must state BASEMENT clearly in the headline & first line of description. Home-shopping is a difficult enough process – If I were in the market and having a running amok sort of day and wasted 2 minutes looking at this ad, I might hire those Capitol One vikings from yesterday to go sort them out.

    • +one million

      Seriously, why even try to trick people into looking at a basement listing when they have absolutely no intention of living in a basement?

      You can call crap gold as much as you want, but it’s still crap at the end of the day.

  • janie4

    I’m more concerned about the living room – I realize it’s a 500 sf condo, but that living room layout is probably awful – the couch is not line of sight to the TV, which makes it likely that there is no good palce to put a couch and watch TV. So if you don’t watch TV in the living room, good place. If not, maybe awkward.

  • This is about a block from the City Vista Safeway. Also, looks like 1.5 blocks to metro. I’d say this is about as prime a location as one gets round here until O Street Market opens up.

    On the same block, there’s a ground level 900 sq ft condo for $480k: DC7434409. Yale’s selling another comp: DC7447552. $360k and much bigger, but notice only one window in the whole place.

    So I dunno, price is consistent with what other sellers are offering. But none of these nor that other former G’Don across from Blagden are selling. Big standoff between buyers and sellers.

  • So the house knows if your drunk? Awesome! What a way to avoid major potential embarrassment Is there an automatic blackout stove that spits out Jamaican beef patties? How about phones that are disabled after a certain BAC? I think they are on to something there . . .

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