Good Deal or Not? “handsome bayfront offering 3 levels of fun, flexible living” edition

This home is located at 403 E St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Super combo of location, space & value! Tall, handsome bayfront offering 3 levels of fun, flexible living! 2-3 BR, 2 newer BA, & a terrific open kitchen w/ lots of options for hanging out & dining. Cute private patio right off the kitchen! Warm wood flrs thru-out, CAC, & W/ D on BR level. Home Warranty provided. Great location near Stanton Park, Union Station, & Metro!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

We recently looked at one of these styles for a house of the day a few weeks ago. I’m just gonna say it – I would buy this one. Do you guys see a flaw that I’m missing? Are the floors/rooms really small or something? I bet this sells in a month unless I’m missing something. (I’ll make sure hipchickindc revisits this one after the sale.)

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $549,000.

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  • I’m with you, PoP. I’d buy this one. The third bedroom looks tiny, which I’m sure is why they advertised it as 2/3 bedrooms. An the kitchen could use some updating, but is certainly livable/usable as is, so the appliances could be updated over time. IMO, this will go for asking or more and will sell quickly.

    (There could be some glaring flaw I’m missing, too, though!)

  • I looked at a similar rowhouse on the same block last October. That house was listed for $10K less. Based on a similar set of photos, I could not figure out why it was listed so low. But the bottom line when I saw it in person was that all of the rooms (including the living room) were tiny, and there was no basement.

  • Handsome? I don’t think so. Good deal? Yea, sure. Only for the location. And would it have been too much trouble for the realtor to move the garbage can out of frame before taking the picture.

  • Bathrooms leave much to be desired, as does the kitchen layout, space is always smaller in real life than in photo, and other than nice floors, all other work seems pretty mediocre. I would say the price of this space is on the money.

  • Seems really small. The living room and one bedroom are on the second floor, with the master and another bedroom on the third floor. That’s not an ideal arrangement for a family with kids. I don’t have a clue about prices in that area, but it seems like a decent deal. Not great, but decent…

    As a side note, has anyone else noticed how fast houses in Columbia Heights/Petworth are going under contract? Almost everything that’s already been renovated and is offered at $450-650k has gone under contract within a matter of days, maybe two weeks max. Nuts.

  • This is a great location and the facade is really charming. I’m surprised it’s priced so low at 1476 sq ft. The finish work isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible. I thought about buying the one a couple doors down that was recently for sale back when it was for sale in 2007-2008, but the quality of the craftsmanship in that one was very poor and the layout was also odd. I think this is a good buy.

  • No basement would make it a no-go for me, but otherwise it looks good if you don’t mind stairs. Each level is quite small, and I could see it getting tiresome moving from space to space just to find stuff, and this layout might make it hard for couples with kids. That said, the location is great and it seems priced to sell.

  • This is a really neat place and a very good deal, IMHO. But no alley access parking (street parking not easy in that spot), no basement or garage for storage, no outside space other than a tiny front garden and fire hazard of a back deck. Also the kitchen looks a little chintzy to me (could just be the white appliances though). A nice townhouse that live a bit more like a condo. I still want it though!

  • I know the prices in this area pretty well, having looked at properties on the Hill from 2009 to early 2011. The houses near Union Station tend to be lower priced than on other parts of the Hill, but also tend to be on the smaller side. Then again, if the square footage here is correct it would be about the same size as the house I ended up buying 1 block from Eastern Markt for $200k more.

    It’s a shame none of the original finishes remain, and the layout’s not for everyone, but I think it will definitely be a good deal for the right buyer. And being so close to H Street it will be a good investment too.

  • Really love the location. Love love love. Easy metro AND easy cab access. That’s your portal to NW and greater DC. Even if you’ve been here for years, it’s just so nice to turn a corner and see the Capital or the mall. Residential vibe, but close enough to everything. Walk to H Street. It’s not too pricey — really, two mid level non profit workers could afford this.

    The 3rd bedroom fits a twin bed and not much else:

    I’d figure out a kitchen reno that would accommodate an eat in area — even just a tiny table or counter with 3 – 4 barstools. I’d want to have the option of turning the dining into the living room, and the living room into a master. Turn the small bed into a den.

  • I think this will go quickly!

  • FWIW, it’s also across the street from a middle school. Though that seems to be quite a good one.

  • This place is odd to me. If the living space is on the second floor, what is on the first? Another unit? Is this the whole building?

  • Buy it, and rent it out at $3000-3500/mo to Capitol Hill staffers. The math works. Good deal, no matter how small it is.

  • that’s priced probably 75-100K below what houses that size go for in that neighborhood, so it’s a good deal.

    It’s fairly easy to find parking in that area, but you’re only a three-block walk to union station.

  • I went and saw it last week. Maestrobe is right about layout. Our major issue with it was that it has no space for storage. I’m a bike commuter, and I don’t need more than a closet or out of the way space to put a potentially wet/muddy bike. This place doesn’t have it. The back patio is small too at maybe 12′ x 14′. It’s a decently finished house, and your updates could happen over time, but for anyone with even a modicum of tools, hobby equipment, etc, it’s lacking.

    We’ll keep looking for something that has a mudroom or a basement, but for someone with more genteel habits, no car and desirous of an urban lifestyle, this would be a good match.

  • Probably someone willing to pay this price for a home won’t want something with such a bizarre layout. While I personally wouldn’t want to live in Cap Hill, I know there are just as many out there who would jump at the chance, so I bet it will go for around asking.

  • Aaaaand it’s now under contract.

  • I looked at this place last weekend. It’s really well upgraded for the most part, great location, sunny. For me, the layout was tricky – it’s goes up but not out, i.e., the first floor has the kitchen and a small area for dining with the patio off the kitchen, But you have to go to second floor for living room (which has bath and bedroom), Top floor has master with another bath. And not a lot of storage. I really wanted to love it, but I need the kitchen and living area on the same floor

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