Good Deal or Not? “Gracious 1915 gem” edition

This home is located at 1873 Monroe St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gracious 1915 gem, w/ classic Mt P frt porch, gently reno’d and beautifully cared for 30+yrs. Newer roof, appliances, HWH, CAC. Lovely orig hdwds in spacious LR/DR rooms & upper floor. The flow fr frt porch to rear garden provides wonderful entertaining/living space. Lg updated K features window seat overlooking rear garden. LL w/ sep in-law suite. NOTE DNC items in disclos!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $749,950 – sound realistic? What’d you think of the house itself? And perhaps more importantly – what the hell does “DNC items in disclos” mean?

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  • Probably a warning that there are some unique items that “do not convey” as described further in the disclosures.

  • Seems priced right for size and location. If anything, it is maybe even a little low. That area is a little remote to Metro access, but it has a really nice, quiet, residential feel and is very close to Rock Creek — one of my favorite parts of town to walk through. I based that on the pictures only — if there are serious structural/mechanical issues that date back to 1915, I take it all back.

  • I do like the porch and some aspects of the house. As always, the market will determine whether it was priced right or not, but my sense is that it might be just a shade high. Equally, they may have built in a decent amount of wiggle room into the price and so if it ends up nearer $725k they’re happy with that.

  • Those ceilings seem really low…Not sure I could get past that.

  • Very nice place – especially like the basement improvements. Does it not have direct access to the alley – if it does have access, why no parking? That’s a drawback – especially with all the steps in front. Wouldn’t you want ease of access through the garden?

    • I think it’s potential parking. There’s a neighbor’s garage roughly facing this house’s back yard.

      Seems like a decent deal to me.

      • no parking is reasonably feasible. I visited the place. Technically there is enough horizontal space and it fronts the alley, but the elevation problems would make this an extremely expensive parking space that would also kill most of the yard.

        So yes, it would be possible, but it would make a lot more sense to buy a different place if you really wanted parking.

        I love my bike. also it’s a very nice house, well done but not large; the ceilings aren’t low as someone thought from photos, and I personally thought it was a very good price although I’ve been surprised at how slow things seem to be moving in Mt. Pleasant lately, so maybe the market is falling and I’m a bit behind.

  • DNC= does not convey

    • must have fancy California closets or something like that that the owners will take with them, no?

      I think that price is a little high for that part of Mt. P. It is well-known in that hood that a posse of drug dealers has hung out at the other end of block for years now. I could see them fetching 700 for it though.

      • That’s what I was thinking, too. There is a notorious problem house or two in this area, though on the whole it is a great area with great people.

  • Do I spy textured ceilings?

  • Why do realtors still insist on writing descriptions like they are paying per letter used? Do they not realize that most of the people reading the listings are real people who find their stupid jargon annoying to translate? How have these dinosaur realtors that obviously haven’t adapted to the changing landscape over the past 15 years survived?

  • Realtors can put only so many characters in the MRIS property descriptions, and thus have to use shorthand. It’s not too different to today’s OMG LOL FWIW twitter/txt/acronym discourses.

  • Sigh…absolutely love this one.

  • Looks nice, but the kitchen is suprisingly plain – I would reface the cabinets at a minimum. Plus, I think that you lose the use of the upstairs porch to whoever occupies that room, unless you can use that as more of a public space.

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