Garden District Closing at 14th and S St, NW

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“Dear PoP,

Thought you’d like to know that the Garden District updated their Facebook page with the following:

“I regret to inform you Garden District, the business entity, has been closed.

I worked very hard to maintain it, but at a certain point it did not make sense to continue.

Thank you for supporting GD for 10 great yrs. It was a pleasure serving you.”

Garden District had moved from it’s original space at 14th and S (north east side, which is becoming a burger spot soon) to across the street and news of a closure had been circulating on and off for months. I am very sorry to see them go.

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  • bfinpetworth

    Ach that’s horrible. Well, any recommendations for other local garden centers to get ready for the spring???

  • This is terrible news! I loved stopping by this place on my way home from work, and have been anxiously awaiting its reopening all winter! Any local garden center recommendations would be much appreciated–Things won’t be the same without GD though.

  • Didn’t they file for bankruptcy a while back and everyone thought they were closing, but then they opened back up? Is it really leaving this time? This blows.

  • That is what will happen when businesses charge WAY too much for items sold close by for almost half.

    Ok sell big ticket items like $100 dollar trees for those who can pay, but how about also offer saplings for $10 – HELLO.

    Sorry to see them leave since they added nice color to the street, but it seems only two types of businesses fail in our town.

    Restuarants (so much for the Mom & Pop faithfuls) or those that are too expensive.

  • Unsurprising. Their prices were out of control. And I wasn’t impressed with the quality, either. I tried to shop there on a dozen occasions, and on the rare visit that I found something I’d want, it cost twice what I was willing to pay for it.

  • i liked it for the convenience from CH and the lady that worked there was really helpful. however i thought it was overpriced.

    there is great place (forgot the name) on 11th st SE right before the 395 entrance ramp.

  • saf

    That’s sad.

    I guess it’s back to driving to Behnke and waiting for the plant sale at the Franciscan Monastery.

  • I found their prices very reasonable on the things I was looking for. Some perennials, a few annuals, some shrubs, and trees. I agree quality might be an issue, but at least they’re not already half dead when you buy them like at Home Depot.

    If GD was too expensive, what places have more reasonable prices?

    • Why would you want to buy a “half dead” plant anyway NON?

      Funny, all of well over 50+ plant items including, bushes, perennials, and annuals have all lived nice long lives in my yard for years. All of it was purchased at Home Depot, well under GD’s prices. I checked their rate on at least four items and HD was about 1/2.

      Places like GD’s count on city dwellers without cars or other options to pay their high prices.

      I worked retail for many years and a 300% mark up is most common.

  • Old City Green in Shaw! It rocks …

  • Ginkgo Gardens is located on the Hill — metro-able.

    911 11th St., SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    They are extremely knowledgeable and have lots to look at and choose from!

    Old City Green — 9th & O St NW.

    Great little selection, and nice guys.

    And of course, Behnke’s and American Plant are fantastic if you have a car.

  • I tried to patronize Garden District – didn’t mind paying a little more for the convenience and to support a local business, but always found their service really lacking – American Plant is heaven! Enormous selection, great organization, good prices & sales and 100% excellent and very knowledgeable staff.

  • for those who don’t have gardening space, i’ve found the new Urban Sustainable store on Columbia Road to be really awesome! great stuff for gardening on your window sill, etc.

  • Sad news indeed. I’ll miss going there. But as others have mentioned, Old City Green at 9th and O is terrific. Super nice people: very helpful and patient with my stupid questions.

  • I’m really sorry to hear this news. Garden District was among my favorite businesses in the area.

  • went there once. way overpriced. Home Depot anyone?

  • Not totally surprised, it was just a matter of time. My partner and I were basically insulted by the owner for asking some question about bamboo trees that he had. We were ready to buy like 6 containers of the plant like $70 each, but his behavior was so bad that we walked out and never returned. Now, hopefully someone else with better customer service will open a garden place in that space.

    • I had a similar instance. When GD opened at 14th and S I introduced myself to the owner and mentioned I lived on the other side of the block. He didn’t introduce himself or respond at all. Guess I wasn’t HGTV enough.

  • Ginkgo Gardens and Frager’s Hardware are my favorite local spots. If you want to go all out, the best place in the whole Washington area is Merrifield Garden Center (near Falls Church, VA).

  • I like the Meadow Farms nursery out in Arlington, it’s a haul, but they carry the red mulch I like and lots of different kinds of perennials (like creeping phlox and rudbeckia.) And of course tons of flats of annuals. They also do landscaping. I usually hit Johnson’s out on Van Ness in a pinch, they have a crummy perennial selection but lots of bulbs and garden tools.

  • I thought they must have doing well, to move to a larger space across the street. I guess not.

    I always found their prices to be too high.

  • I preferred to shop at Garden District and found the sales people more than helpful and knowledgable. The store did add color to the street with good quality products. When I figure my time, gas, wear and tear on me and the car to get to cheap places, I would much rather walk to Garden District and buy to support local merchants that make the neighborhood a neighborhood. Home Depot has done nothing for 14th St. A few products I compared prices and did not find GD any more or less expensive.

  • Very sad. I especially liked the indoor shop when it was in the spot where Estadio is now. The people were always very knowledgeable and nice. It’s sad how many businesses have closed on 14th over the last couple of years.

  • Hm I still have my living social deal that expires on 8 March – I had hoped they’d be open this weekend since I couldn’t use it all while they were closed for the season.

    Oh well – refund time!

  • I think it’s important to support our local businesses, and Old City Green makes that easy. They’re wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable and nearby.

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