Frozen Yogurt Patrol: “32 Below” Coming to Barracks Row

@BarracksRow recently tweeted:

“The ink on the lease is still wet! 703 8th Street has leased to “32 Below”, a frozen yogurt place, will be opening soon!”

703 8th St, SE is the former home of Sweet Magnolia. I’ll be sure to update as construction progresses.

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  • At least it’s not another burger or pizza joint…Still wish we had the Ben and Jerry’s though

  • Don’t forget Sweet Lobby and Hello Cupcake per the Barracks Row Main Street newsletter. Barracks row has a lot of good places opening in the next few months (Nooshi, Moby Dick, Pacifico, Senart’s). Also eventually a Beergarten on lower 8th.. And rumored a wine bar by Eastern Market and 8th street bar and grill.

  • Call me bitter. Why are all the good eating places going in quadrants that are already so plentiful in them? I would love to see a Fro Yo place, heck even a Sonic or Joes Crabshack come to the Petworth through Takoma area of Georgia Ave. it’s a main road and sure these places would get lot’s of business.

    • um, I don’t think NW is lacking in “good eating places”…

      seriously, i get what you mean. but part of it is that barracks row gets a lot of foot traffic. No one strolls down Georgia between Petworth and Takoma. And frozen yogurt is often an impulse purchase, not something that people set out just to get.

  • Because if there’s anything this town needs, it’s another fro-yo place.

  • There are approximately 7 frozen yogurt shops in NW DC. None in SE. Can’t wait to finally have one closer to home.

  • Wish it were a Giffords. Wish there were Giffords anywhere outside a supermarket.

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