Friday Question of the Day – Where are the Best Post 7pm Happy Hour Deals?

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“Dear PoP,

I have a very important question for your readers. What restaurants/bars in DC have happy hour specials that extend beyond the usual 4-7pm M-F timeframes? I tend to work until 6:30 or 7pm on most weeknights and end up missing happy hour entirely at most places. It’s such a bummer. I know that H St. Country Club runs their happy hour until 8pm, 1905 until 7:30 and The Heights offers their specials from 4-7 on the weekends as well. Are there other options as well?”

If you have recommendations please say what neighborhood the bar is in as well. Are there any post 8pm happy hours? Who has the latest happy hour in town?

Also are there any really good happy hours that go beyond $1 off drafts and wine? Who has the really good deals in general? I’m thinking like back when Lucky Bar has $1 Bud specials on Thursdays. Also does anyone know of any good food happy hour specials as well.

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  • Mighty Pint in lower Dupont and La Frontera Cantina have M-F happy hours that go until 8pm

  • dupont’s got a bunch that i know of…

    *mighty pint* on M st, as Mony mentioned above. college-type bar, not always what i’m feeling after work, but it gets the job done. have the tater tots…you won’t regret it!!

    *science club* on 19th btwn L & M st. great unpretentious hole-in-the-wall dive bar with great tunes and *generous* bartenders. food menu is vegan fare. mondays=happy hour ALL night, then T-F is til 8pm.

    *urbana* on 21st & P st downstairs. swanky but casual wine lounge with knowledgable bartenders and alluring signature cocktails. their happy hour goes til 8pm M-F with discounted QUALITY house wines ($5 instead of $8) and beers ($4 instead of $7), delicious small plates for $3, plus $1 oysters in summer and fall. their website doesn’t list the info, so i’m going by memory…that’s right, i used to LIVE at this place haha!

    *madhatter* on connecticut ave & 18th st. great happy hour bargains til 8pm (if buy 1 get 1 free apps don’t reel you in, drinks for less than $3 should!), but fair warning: the bartenders don’t give preferential treatment if they’re slammed, so keep the overtipping to a minimum :/

    there are TOOO many to list to be honest…and that’s only in dupont! most places i know go until 8pm. check out this website:
    it’s puts your future hangovers in a nice, easy to read graph.

    enjoy 😀

    • Wait, you think Science Club is unpretentious!? Their bartenders or those damn hipsters who go there may have not gotten the memo about that one! Haha!

      • Can you give an example of something you find pretentious about Science Club?

        • It is called Science Club. Also, I go there. Unless I freeze before I reach the first marker.

          • You’re right, all bars should have names like “Bar #1,” “Bar #2,” etc. And I thought you smelled bad on the outside…

    • good intel. thx

    • The pretentiousness of Science Club is debatable, but how could it ever be described as a “hole-in-the-wall dive bar”?

      Unless it’s really changed a lot since I last visited the place, shortly after it opened.

    • sorry, everybody, let me clarify my definitions of these terms…

      *pretentious = anywhere snooty with it’s own head up it’s ass, like the gibson

      *hole-in-the-wall = anywhere that could largely go unnoticed, had someone not told you to go inside, like science club

      *dive bar = this will probably be highly debated, as i know the general notion of dive bar implies dirty and cheap, but for me, cheap and low-maintenance decor will do it, like….hmmmm…..oh, i know: science club 🙂

      so i’m thinking all the stone-throwing naysayers of one of my fave spots in DC have either only been there once and had a bad time, never been there, or have only gone at prime D-bag hours when it’s packed (Fri & Sat 10pm-12am).
      what’s wrong with the name science club? i not only like it, but wish they did more science-y themed stuff inside, like old textbooks used as wallpaper in the bathroom or something. bars with a theme that’s not overkill is nice.
      the bartenders will treat you as you treat them, so treat them well and they’ll do likewise.
      also, the whole hipster offensive tactic doesn’t hold water with me, as that population has infiltrated all of DC’s nightlife. i just laugh at their silly hats and kooky glasses.

      didn’t mean to go on a serious science club soliloquy, but there it is. happy friday everyone!!! 😀

    • Science Club can hardly be called a dive bar.

  • Nellie’s on U St has its race against the clock HH M-F and from 7-8pm you can get a rail drink for $3

  • The blue banana has half priced beer all night on Thursdays.

  • I’m a huge fan of Chief Ike’s happy hours. You can get a mega-margarita for $7 (liberal tequila in a pint glass), and they have decent beer specials. Plus, you have the added bonus of not being right on 18th Street, so it isn’t packed with the “21-23 let’s get schwasted” crowd.

    If you happen to have an iPhone, there’s a decent happy hour app (, Happy Hours). It can tell your location and what time it is, and lists all food and drink happy hours by distance.

  • I usually end up at Stan’s Restaurant and Lounge, where they give you a pint glass of gin and some generic mixer for around $10. It’s always fun waking up someplace new and different. Just don’t eat there or you will die.

  • The Willard Hotel’s bar has full priced $13 dollar martinis 24/7

    Yowza…what a steal!

  • Front page has $2 coronas and bud lights (i think) all night on thursdays!

  • The Old Ebbitt Grill has a half price raw bar happy hour at something like 11 PM – 1 AM (I think on weekdays, I’ve only gone there for the same deal in the early evening.)

    • if you’re a night owl it’s worth it, but don’t stay up late for this. being overly tired and crashing with 3lbs of raw seafood in your stomach is rough.

  • Cieba downtown has a happy hour that starts at 9pm I think. Excellent cocktails and half off appetizers.

  • thanks for asking this question and thanks to all the answerers. sometimes I wonder how it’s possible that everyone can get off of work by 5pm in this town.

  • Red Derby, all day long happy hour
    $2 Natty, $3 Schlitz, $5 “combo” = Schlitz & a shot (Jameson, Jager, etc)

    • I think the derby combo is limited to jameson – but overall it’s fairly priced. Honestly once Giant started stocking King Cobra again, I just can’t rally for going out. $2.49 for a six pack or .42 a can! Works for me …
      Off Topic but Lou’s New City Bar now totally smells like sweat and stale beer. That has be a record for quickest conversion new to funk …

      • I don’t know about limitations to the general public, but it’s 3 blocks from my house, so you could say I know some of the staff hehehe. When I feel like subbing the Jameson for tequila, they let me.

        I will ask the next time I go…which will not be tonight, as I hate Fridays -aka- Amateur Night at ANY bar in DC.

        • I’ve been told it will soon be Stroh’s instead of Schlitz, which I am OK with. Just an fyi.

          I have also always had Jameson, which is fine by me – it is generally $5+ for a shot alone at most bars.

      • it’s jameson, jim, jack, or jose.

  • My living room after a trip to the nearest liquor store.

  • Favorite reverse happy hours (9ish-close): Ceiba and Hill Country downtown.

  • Can’t believe the thread has gone so long without mentioning Recessions, which does last until 8.

  • Radius in Mount Pleasant has this deal. I hit it up all the time! It’s a great way to start my swerve for the week.

    Happy Hour available all day on Saturday & Sunday, and all night Monday. At the bar only after 7pm.

    MARCH MADNESS HAPPY HOUR starts March 15! During all games, we’re offering $5 Slice and Pint (and all the rest). Available at the bar only after 7pm.

  • chef geoff’s with 6 dollar burgers and 3.50 16 ounce pbrs and assortments of other goodies is probably one of my favorites. A little on the pricey side for HH but really good food.

  • Fast Eddies has a good happy hour that goes till then it turns into a strip club

  • Sei has a happy hour that runs from 5 to 8. $5 Sapporo and wine, $6 sushi rolls and apps, and $7 cocktails. It’s nice because it never gets super crowded and is a chill atmosphere.

  • If you’re gay and a bear or bear friendly, upstairs at Town on Friday nights has Bear Happy Hour. $7 pitchers of Shock Top and Bud light (I think) from 7-9:30 PM. Most people just ditch the cups and drink straight from the pitcher.

  • Not sure how late their regular daily happy hour specials go, but at Red Rocks, Monday night is half-price wine, all night. Love it!

  • Bear

    It doesn’t go late, but it IS available seven days a week from 4:00 to 7:00–Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro, where they have half-priced bottles of wine and other drink specials too (thought I don’t remember what they are at the moment, as I usually stick to the wine).

  • If you can stand the atmosphere, Mortons has a killer daily happy hour, at least food-wise, from 9 til close.

  • If you are down on the Hill, Hamilton’s has $1 PBR cans on Fridays, and I believe it runs all night. They also serve something they call tater pie, with is tater tots smothered in chili, cheese and jalapenos.

    Down a bucket of PBR and eat one of those, your significant other will love you later in the evening when you get home!

  • $1 off happy hours don’t count as happy hours.

    Outside the traditional happy hour haunts in lower Dupont & Capitol Hill, I’ll throw out slight newcomer Wok N Roll in Adams Morgan: $2 Tiger Beer and $1 nigiri until 8PM. P.S. They have a patio. If you dig sushi happy hours, I’d also check out Cafe Asia (though it’s been a while).

  • I didn’t see anyone mention Duffys, which used to have a $1 can night. It’s perfect if you are OK with drinking a bunch of old-school beers like Schlitz, NattyBo, Genesee, and even Bud i think. For a Hamilton you can have a pretty bitchin’ time, plus the wings are aweeesome.

  • The Pug on H Street has a happy hour that runs until 8 p.m. and includes $2 natty boh/light, high life, stroh’s, and high life cans plus $5 guinness, boddington’s, and red stripe tall boys. Every day but saturday.

  • I am sure there will be haters. But Ruby Tuesday in Columbia Heights has an amazing happy hour after 9PM. Blue Moon and Sam Adams on Draft is only $3 and you get a free slider. They have cheap quac. and queso dip. Also, this is the most unpretentious spot in the District and is never crowded.

  • At Dickson Wine Bar, happy hour can be whenever you want it to be! Just check in via Facebook, tag your drinking buddy, and show the screen to your server to get happy hour priced drinks! Any night, any time. cheers!

  • OYA. Happy hour until 8. Don’t forget to ask for the little cheese puff bread things 🙂

  • Local 16 has HH until 8 on Fridays and Policy has HH from 5 to 7 on Saturdays.

  • I totally second this. Artie’s rocks.

  • I totally second this. Artie’s rocks. (meant this as a reply, not an add-on at the end, so re-posting)

  • WTF, does the reply to function not work anymore? Grrr…

  • So sad the Toledo Lounge is gone, or is not what it once was. A couple of years back it was HH 5-8 with $2 drafts, including Sierra Nevada and a seasonal.

  • Public happy hour goes till 8pm ($2 domestic, $3 import, $4 rails). I too, second the Pug for happy hour. Also, Policy has a great happy hour till 8pm, on Thursday 9pm – 1am, and all night on Monday

  • Lucky Bar is $2 Thursday for rail drinks and select bottles, which represents a 100% increase in the last 10 years.

  • policy’s happy hour on monday goes all night at the bar. drinks are $5 i think, and apps are $3. don’t quote me on that, but it’s something awesome like that.

  • I have no idea how some of these places mentioned are considered “happy hour specials”… 13$ martinis? Anyways, Laughing Man Tavern has super good deals on drinks and bar food through 8pm. PS7 and Ellas have awesome sangria flat bread/pizza combos to at least 730ish.

  • Check out Bourbon in Glover Park (2348 Wisconsin Ave. NW). They have $2 off draft beers M-F from 5-7:30pm (making some of them only $3). From 5-midnight on Wednesdays, 1/2-price bottles of wine, 1/2-price Willett Bourbons, and 1/2-price select 22 oz. beers (including Lagunitas Maximus IPA, Allagash Curiuex, Javahead Stout, etc.). That makes some of those bottles $5!

    Thursdays, you get happy hour prices on regular draft beers all night when you order the fried chicken special. And Fridays, the rotating house Manhattan cocktail is only $6.

    Pretty hard to beat those specials, I think.

  • p.s. the Friday Manhattan special runs all night.

  • We’ve got all the happy hour specials you need to know about. If we don’t have it, let us know and we’ll get it up ASAP!

  • I came to this thread to get advice for tonight and I am sad to see that nobody has mentioned Japone in Dupont. Their happy hour goes until 8 or maybe even 9, I can’t recall, and you can get HUGE sakes for $5 or even huger beers for about $5.
    I’m talking about the downstairs part, not the upstairs where they sometimes do karaoke. Very recommended.

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