Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 1435 Newton St NW:

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The Craigslist adsays:

“Competitive price, unbeatable location, great unit: this efficiency apartment has it all right in the heart of Columbia Heights! Need parking? We offer convenient parking next to the building, but you can forget about your car if you want. We have 3 Zipcars in our parking lot 24/7 and our building is only a short walk from the metro station. The bus stops on 14th and 16th street are right around the corner. Want to have some fun? You don’t have to go too far and waste your time looking for parking. New cool restaurants, lounges with live music and even big retail stores are also a couple of blocks away. A new Giant supermarket, coffee shops, a theater and much more are a few steps from Newton and 14th St. We only have one unit available.”

$1180 sound right for this studio?

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  • Ridiculous. Turn right up 16th and the Crestwood has utitlites-included one bedrooms three times this size with a balcony for around the same price.

    That said, it will probably be gone in a week.

  • I live right by here and I’d say it’s a great deal. I use those zip cars all the time! I pay $1650 for a 1 br so I think it is very reasonably priced. The area always seems safe when I’m walking home at night too, despite recent postings of crime.

  • Not bad if you’re comparing against the apartments to be built across from GWU Hospital. Those too will be priced at $4psf.


  • Not a bad price, but geez, 280 sq ft! Talk about a shoebox!

  • I’m never shocked by real estate/apartment prices – but $1180 for 288 sq ft, with a kitchen that a meth cook would be ashamed of, in a neighborhood where you can still get cracked in the skull with a brick thrown by a kid is staggering.

  • Great deal if you get a roommate.

  • If it wasn’t TINY, I’d think it was a good deal. But that place is miniscule!

    I’d rather pay a little less and share a house in the area and I would think that people looking for studios could find a little more space for a similar price like this one

    or this one

    or this one in dupont


    Basically there are enough options in the 1100-1350 range for 300-450 sq foot studios that I think this one is a bad deal.

  • For $70 more a month you could get a studio with a balcony in Van Ness that includes some utilities.

    The more I think about it the more ridiculous it seems.

    • Yes but Van Ness is not Columbia Heights. Its very different up there; lived there for one year and decided it was just too white and a little boring.

      What is is they say, “location, location, location.”

      Very small but for one person just getting started in the city – it is a great deal.

      • No, it’s still a bad deal. For one person getting started in the city there are plenty of normal sized studios in the same price range in various neighborhoods, including Columbia Heights and there’s no reason to live in a shoebox.

        I understand that the Van Ness comparison isn’t exact, but the point remains that this place is a bad deal, because you can get more for your money in the same neighborhood and in other equally attractive neighborhoods.

    • i almost lived in van ness for a few minutes until i realized how soul-crushingly boring my life would be there.

  • I can’t fathom living in a space the size of my office, but the Columbia Heights marketing video at the bottom of the page was fan-friggin-tastic.

  • the song that would be in my head constantly…

    “despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”

  • My roommate used to pay upwards of $1500 a month for a similar studio in Foggy Bottom. I categorically don’t care for studios, but I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

  • CRAZY SMALL! NW a studio for about $1200 isn’t out of the ball park, but ususally they are ~ two times the size (400-550 sq.ft.).

    If you want to rent a studio in NW at these prices, you have to have a real studio!!!!

  • 288sf and its more than my mortgage.

  • i live in a 3b/2,,5bath townhouse, about 2500 sq ft and a backyard for 2900 including all utilities and our house is renovated and gorgeous. the master bedroom is larger than this studio alone and is basically detached from the rest of the house for the same amount of money – it is something like 350 sq ft alone. i say whoever is considering a studio this size, you must be an idiot or extremely busy/never home. i say reconsider and move into a group house.

  • for a normal-sized studio it’s a good price. This place is too small.

    I once looked at a 300 sq ft studio and for me that crosses a line… it’s just *too small* and seemed it would oppress you the whole time you were there, unless you were getting it amazingly cheap. This is not.

  • 288 sq ft.. lol

    I would be coming out of the closet everyday if i lived there!

  • So for everyone who says it’s too expensive, what do you think is a fair price for this studio? All of the comps people listed above were more expensive than this (and this one includes all utilities). And while I personally couldn’t live in a studio this small, I have a friend who lived in a studio under 300 sq ft for several years (who admittedly led a very minimalist lifestyle) and loved it, she said she really didn’t need more space.

  • I have a friend who lived in this building a few years ago, and it wasn’t a very nice place. The halls were often littered with trash and the elevator smelled like urine. Oh, and my friend was constantly fighting off bedbugs.

    But this was around four years ago. Maybe it’s changed.

  • They should try marketing this to Hobbits.

  • I $140 less than this for a bigger studio at 16th and Irving, which IMO is a much better (and safer) location.

  • Ridiculous. I live on the fringes of AdMo and pay somewhat less for an apartment twice the size. Granted, I’ve lived there almost 12 years and have some form of rent control, plus utilities included, but a 288 sf studio is ridiculous and so is paying $1,180 a month for it, no matter HOW up-and-coming the ‘hood is.

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