Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 1825 Vernon St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Come see this spacious Two bedroom, One bath apartment conveniently located between Adam’s Morgan and Dupont Circle. This Apartment has hardwood floors, lots of light and generously-sized bedrooms (both bedrooms are comparable size, not a master and den/closet sized BR). Building does not have washer/dryer facility however, there is a laundromat two blocks away. Rent includes most utilities, even heat!”

Looks like this could be a good roomate option – this 2 bedroom is going for $1945. Sound right?

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  • Never been to Adam’s Morgan, nor Adamas Morgan. Are they very close to Adams Morgan?

    Also, that bathroom scares me, they’re intentionally vague about the square footage and which utilities are included, and the thought of schlepping my laundry two blocks away fills me with dread.

    Pass, though sadly it’s a good price…

  • It looks like a pretty good deal for someone who wants that location more than they want updated bathroom and kitchen.
    And considering how expensive 2 bedrooms are in general, I think it’s pretty good.

    I’m more curious about this one though. What do you think is wrong with it? It seems too reasonably priced to be true.

    • Clueless landlord? Bedbugs? Horrid neighbors? It seems too well written to be a scam – maybe the pictures aren’t of the actual unit.

    • I crashed on that floor once

    • wow, i’m craving that apartment! i’ve always liked that building and i’m seriously jealous of the porches. lots of buildings around monroe have income bracket restrictions (upper and lower), so maybe that accounts for the really low price and seeming rent control. i pay $890 for a one-bedroom 1.5 blocks away, but would jump to this if i had a good roommate in mind!

      • That is mighty appealing. Perhaps it IS a clueless landlord OR just human.I have a friend that lives here and I’m quite sure he doesn’t qualify for low income unless he’s concealing his income.

  • I used to live in this building- great location and nice “old” apartments. The insides have interesting architecture but it depends on the apartment how well its been kept up. The laundery mat is definitely 3+ blocks away which on a hot August afternoon is zero fun.

  • that’ll rent in seconds. that location is basically the epicenter of u street/adams morgan/dupont for < $1K/mo. pp.

  • I used to live in this building, not a scam, I paid significantly less than this for a 2BR just last year. The apartments are very old, and the laundromat is definitely closer to 5 blocks away.

    Like someone said, if you want to live here just to because of the location, it’s great, but that’s about it.

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