Fencing Go Up on North Capitol Street?

Looks like some fence posts have gone in on North Capitol Street between Eckington and Bloomingdale. For folks that live in the area – do pedestrians often try to cross here? Do you support the idea of fences here? Anyone happen to know what they’ll look like? I’ll be sure to update when they are completed.

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  • Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to put a crosswalk there?

    • Not always. And when people are crossing in the middle of the block when a crosswalk is 20 feet away, what else are you going to do to stop them from getting hit?

  • actually you have it backwards – the fence has been mostly taken down. hopefully they will put it back up, there have been pedestrian fatalities on North Cap in years past where people have tried to dodge the speeding traffic from those underpassed

  • PoP – I live on North Cap up the street a bit. According to the list serv activity, a wall is going to be built to protect the fence. The fence is just being replaced because there has been a fence there for quite a long time.

    In general, its just going to aggravate the highway mentality that people treat North Capitol with. Its going to look more and more like the BW Parkway with this wall.

    It would be nice if they put something in to make this section of North Capitol more safe for cars and pedestrians, instead of facilitating high speed traveling approaching downtown.

    • Dude, North Cap is a six lane highway with a few stop lights, not a residential street by any stretch. If anything, it should become more like BW Parkway.

      • what would be awesome would be for the whole thing to be buried and decked over like the third street tunnel all the way from where it currently dips under New York to where it comes back up past Rhode Island Avenue.

      • Its 4 lanes, not 6. There arent a “few stoplights” there are several.

        Its fine to do whatever you want when the street is below grade, but something needs to be done to control the flow of traffic at the end of that stretch.

        After it comes up from being below grade it is basically no different than Florida, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania Avenue.

        There’s no reason to build a wall – they should put a stoplight there.

        • +1

          It’s not the width of the street or number of lanes, it’s what you do with the street. Stop lights are one answer. What DDOT should do, although this is a pipe dream since DDOT has limited funding, is to bring the entire road to grade, allow 24-hour parking along the side of the street and confine all of the Maryland through drivers to four lanes. Oh they would hate that. Maybe they’d even have to take… gasp… the Metro!

          • janie4

            Wow, way to hate on Maryland drivers here. It would be nice if there was more mass transit in Maryland, but since having these people (who often live more than a mile or two away from the metro) would require parking somewhere, maintained by MDOT, blame MDOT, not DDOT here.

            As a DC resident in Petworth, I use North Capitol a lot. There are not a lot of great ways to get downtown from Northwest DC to visit my family who lives in Bloomingdale and in SE. Driving means I can take pets, and stuff, and have it take half an hour, as opposed to an hour and two train changes. I have three options – Sherman, Georgia and North Capitol. And two of the three are slated for massive reconstruction projects that are going to reduce the traffic on them – the Sherman streetscape project (now ongoing), the Georgia streetcar (or whatever else Jim Graham can come up with to reduce drivers). Sorry to jump on you here, but there has to be a main way for people to drive from NW/Maryland to downtown. TPTB have decided it’s supposed to be North Capitol. Take it up with them.

          • Janie – I also use North Cap when I drive since it’s less than a block away from where I live. I was just (sort of) kidding about the Maryland drivers. I do believe that we should promote pedestrian and bicycle movement more than auto movement when we get to neighborhoods within a mile or two of the Capitol, because in reality we could never build enough lanes for the traffic that wants to get downtown. The more difficult it is to drive downtown the more people will look for alternatives. Even if that leads to drastic changes in behavior.

            As a DC taxpayer I loath the fact that a good amount of my city’s transportation spending goes to keep roads that are, in general, used as transportation connections to the ‘burbs (North Cap is a prime example) as opposed to local trips.

  • also, DDOT or WMATA or someone needs to get rid of the north bound 80 stop at Adams, everyone gets off and walks across north capitol instead of getting off at the Bryant st stop 100-ft north where there is a crosswalk. Idiots. Just waitin for someone to die there.

  • I am in favor of this fence, as it will keep the America-hating Bloomies, with their restaurants and shops and friendliness and whatnot, from coming over here and trying to destroy the Eckington way of life with their subversive perambulating and their socialist passeggiatas with their communist puppies!

    I do not know why the Bloomies hate freedom and America, but they do. They just do. I will have to organize a web-based border watch now, and I wanted to take a nap instead. Damn you, Bloomies!

  • maybe the fence is to keep the pie stealing hobos confined

  • I like the physical demarcation between East Crackton and West Crackton.

    • Good thing there’s no housing projects and drugs addicts where you’re from, so it makes sense for you to start talking about other neighborhoods.

  • These are by far the best comments I have read in a long time … perhaps my standards have just been beaten down. I live near this (on the right side of the highway). After a car hit the dividing fence, I had to go and pull it in out of the path of traffic so I support the higher base wall (if that is what they are building). That said, hopefully they bury North Cap just like Eric asks for … in the mean time, the steal plates they have put down sound a little like rumbling thunder in the distance if a car drives over them just right – almost soothing.

  • I just hope Roger Waters doesn’t try to revive his sagging career by having some metaphor-ridden concert cum rock-theater show there.

  • I thought we were moving past the East-West rivalry . . .

  • This stretch of North Capitol plays a brief but memorable role in the odd 1979 movie “Being There”


    Shaw plays a starring role. If you are a resident of these areas and have not seen this movie you owe it to yourself to check it out – you won’t believe what Shaw looked like 30 years ago. There is no blight left in DC to compare to how Shaw was in those days.

    Unfortunately, North Cap looks about the same.

    • I think the couple blocks of North Cap that I live on are just fine. I remember it 15 years ago and I know there are vast differences.

      North Cap would be a great street if it werent for the area from Florida to M St.

      The area from Randolph to Rhode Island is no different than the rest of the general area – but there is more road noise.

      • that’s fair, i would agree

      • Hey, now. We take pride in the half of our properties that are services. Without them bussing in customers, how else would our poor struggling liquor stores survive.

        • I dont mean to put down TC. I’m only talking about the area of North Capitol that really doesn’t have too many people living along it (probably part of the problem). I just wish there was some momentum toward cleaning it up.

        • SOME isn’t the only problem there, you can also blame it on North Cap looking like one big overpass with too fast traffic, narrow sidewalks and office buildings with huge surface parking lots and 8 ft fences- who wants to walk around and go to shops when you feel like you’re walking in the gutter on the side of the NJ Turnpike?
          Just getting from my house near Big Bear to the Harris Teeter is quite a chore…lucky I have Windows to provide me with my $2+ marked up white whine and gourmet groceries when I’m in a fix.

    • the area in that movie is south of new york avenue, and it doesn’t look as bad as the segments in shaw. or on 14th.

  • Misster Gorbachov…

  • its been looking much nicer without the fence.

  • That was intended for Andy’s comment.

  • New wall = new canvas for grafitti.

    Careful what you co-sign…

  • Remove the fence & wall. Darwinism at work.

  • fill in the trench!

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