Fast Gourmet Looking to Expand into Dupont and Georgetown

Back in Dec. we learned that Fast Gourmet had the best sandwiches in town. And nearly everyone agreed. They are certainly the best sandwiches you’ll ever see in a gas station and possibly in a ll of DC. So this is surely going to be good news. I spoke with one of the owners earlier this week saying I heard some scuttlebutt about opening more locations and she said it was true! They will first ensure that the 14th and W, St NW location remains a success and then in the next year or so will look to open 2nd and possibly 3rd locations in Dupont Circle and Georgetown. After that (and I’ll personally be lobbying big time for the Green Line) they will be looking at other neighborhoods.


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  • I went their last week. NOT fast at all, but good.

    • I agree…. but it’s so worth the wait. I love the cuban sandwich. But the guys running the place are super nice and keep you company with chit char while you wait.

      • It was fast at first and then it got the blogosphere press and was flooded with people. It didn’t seem like it was ready for the influx of people so I’m not sure how they are going to be able to expand that quickly. I like this place and the owners, so I hope they take their time, maintain a quality product, and expand at a sustainable pace.

  • I recommend calling ahead. It does take about 15 mins depending on what you order. But yeah, well worth it.

  • I’m kind of sad to hear they want to move to yuppie-ville. Stay (expand) in the neighborhood!

    • you’re seriously saying that 14 and W isn’t yuppie-ville? Have you been there?

      • Have YOU been there? That’s the drug spot, hence the CC cameras at the intersection. I get that there are new condos/apartments all around there, but that one corner is NOT yuppie-ville.

  • Lowest Price Gas. $3.49. NC

  • I think a block where condos go for $1M+ and sits across from an organic market counts as yuppieville. THe cuban sandwich there is good. But I went and was the only one there and it still took 15 minutes. Not a big deal, but when your name contains the word “fast,” it might be something to work on

  • It is a great space inside, but I just wish the location was under an apartment or condo building. The gas station is not so appetiazing. I do love the grilled chicken sandwich.

  • I went there once, definitely a huge fan of the sandwiches. However, NOT a fan of the fact that while my friend was waiting outside with his dog he kept getting harassed by drunk/high people and witnessed several drug deals. What is it with gas stations that attract this kind of activity? It’s the same story with the BP on 14th and Euclid, only there’s not a delicious sandwich shop that actually makes me want to hang out there…

    • Have you ever tried to stand on a corner all day peddling cracks without any ice-cold malt liquor or blunt wraps?

  • I agree with everyone else that they should work on their delivery before expanding. I called ahead last Saturday–at 11 a.m. mind you, hardly prime time–and *still* had to wait half an hour on my cuban AND they were fresh out of fries. I still like the place, but they should not try to grow too fast.

    • You’re complaining about waiting half an hour to have an $8 sandwich delivered to you at lunch time on a weekend?

      • Who wouldn’t complain? Called ahead at 11AM and still had to wait a half hour…yeah, that’s too long. Duh!

  • Dude, forget Dupont and Georgetown. Open in Petworth! Park Place, pleeeeease. Or one of the sketch storefronts on Georgia Ave (stores next to Caribbean Belly, I’m looking at you).

  • No, it wasn’t delivered. I called, waited 10 mins to walk and pick it up, then had to wait another half hour before it was ready. By “delivery,” I meant they need to work on their execution.

  • No areas have been decided. Dupont rents are out of whack. Georgetown is possible, but be patient.

  • One of the best, and more creative, new places to open in a while. The cuban is legit. I would like to echo the sentiments of other readers, and warn against expanding too fast. I would hate to see these folks over extend and under deliver.

  • I am a huge fan of this sandwich shop, as well as a huge fan of the owners (they are great). The shop has brought a new level of positive attention to the corner of 14th and W. That being said, I wish they would call the police when the drug dealers are hanging out ON THEIR PREMISES! I witness numerous drug deals every time I walk by this place. I don’t see how they are not aware and I don’t see why they wouldn’t call the police as I am sure it is bad for business. There are no anti-loitering laws in DC, but there are loitering laws on private property. Let’s hope they can become a bit more active in the community and keep the drug dealers of the premises.

  • I love this place. It is close to where I live, the people are great, and the food is fabulous!

  • No plans for expanding any time soon , thank you very much for your support!!!!!

  • Manu and Nacho make the best sandwiches in the city. Period.

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