Earth Springs Farm CSA Now Taking Memberships

Photo courtesy of Earth Springs Farm

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to let you know about a new CSA that has drop offs in Mt. Pleasant, Petworth, Takoma, Riverdale, Mt. Rainier., Arlington, and Annondale.

We are Earth Springs Farm

We are a small family farm that raises Naturally Grown Produce in South Central Pennsylvania.

CSA members get a box full of spring, summer, and fall vegetable every week.

We are now accepting 2011 memberships on our website.”

We’ve previously spoken about CSAs in detail here. If you have other CSAs that you recommend in addition to their name please say what neighborhood(s) they deliver to.

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  • They aren’t listed on the Local Harvest website, which seems a bit strange. Any thoughts as to why?

  • i’m not familiar w local harvest but I am a repeat CSA member of Earth Spring. Lovely people and on time. All organic and a great learning experience. It’s great they have different size shares too. There are two of us and we did a medium share last year (signed up to do the same this year)and everything was was gone in 3 days.

  • I’m looking for a CSA that lets you pick and choose what you receive. I have no interest in a weekly box of kale that would go straight in the trash. Nasty stuff.

    • I haven’t tried, but heard Washington Green Grocer is good for that. Not exactly a CSA though.

    • I loooove Norman’s Farm Market: You fill your own basket–if you don’t like some of the options, you can just get more of the stuff you do like. They also allow you to commit for shorter periods of time–I think 8 weeks is the minimum commitment. My only complaint is that they aren’t at a metro-accessible location on the weekends.

    • I used to think the same thing about kale until I was told to hit it with lemon juice first. Really softens up the texture and flavor. Add olive oil/balsamic/paremesan and it’s a lot like a standard spinach salad…I’m a convert!

      …not to mention that my kale from last fall survived the winter and is about ready to pick again this week!

    • You should look into Arganica. I just signed up a couple weeks ago, and it’s pretty cool. (Not technically a CSA though) They send out a spreadsheet with hundreds of items and you choose what you want. They deliver your goods to your home later that week! The only downside is paying a membership fee. It’s definitely worth it if you can afford it, and you aren’t required to make a purchase every week or anything like that. The food is amazing!

    • Star Hollow Farms lets you pick what you want, how much, when you want to pick up, etc. – just pay $300 and they debit from your account. No time limit, either – can take years to spend that much, or weeks. Open every other week during the winter. Order Weds, pick up Sat at 18th and Columbia in Adam’s Morgan.

  • Hi I am Luke, One of the farmers at Earth Spring. We are in the process of getting on local harvest. We are Certified Naturally Grown. Here is our page on their website:


  • Been enjoying Star Hollow Farms for almost a year now. Pickup in Adams Morgan once a week (biweekly in Winter) and you just order what you want. Not a true CSA share, more like a debit system.

  • Luke,

    The website says that the box must be picket up in a certain time window, but I couldn’t find the actual time window for the Petworth drop spot. This is the determining factor for whether or not I can participate, so please let me know at least approximately when and how big a window you expect to offer.


  • The dropoff time for petworth is between 4 pm and 8 pm

  • I’m also interested…but curious, what’s the deadline for signing up?

  • We’ve done green grocer and earth spring. We bailed on green grocer because we couldn’t distinguish its offerings from safeway (including the plu stickers). The offerings from earth spring farm were extremely fresh and I could sense the passion of the farmer: very interactive, helpfull, informative, and hardworking. He hosted farm tours and a few pot-lucks/pig roast. We have re-upped.

    RE Kale: With a csa, you get kale. It was the first time I had ever cooked or eaten kale. I found lots of ways to incorporate it into the family meal: burritos, pasta sauce and lasagne, chinese, omeletes for dinner, roasted potatoes, rissotto, …
    ( I prefer strawberries over kale!)

    Final Tip: Always eat first what you like the most.

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