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  • For great nachos on the cheap, you cannot beat baja fresh’s… You must share with a friend though, because I believe one order has over 1K calories… but they are SO SO good.

    • houseintherear

      1,890, actually. Without meat. :/

      • You couldn’t let me live a lie, could you? Now I really feel guilty about getting them, even if it is a split. Why must they be SO SO GOOD???

        • well, to be fare…1890 is over 1k. though i doubt you’re going to find a lower calorie count elsewhere – tortilla chips and cheese ain’t exactly health food.

  • WHY do you tease us with that picture? Suddenly my broccoli and edamame soup is not seeming as appealing.

  • Tryst, hands down. On the Nachos Locos, they give you a good helping of everything, salsa, guac and sour cream. I recommend the shredded chicken nachos!

  • Ooooh, I’ll have to try Tryst for some nacho-goodness! I love the black-been nachos at Busboys. I don’t know if they are the best in town, but they make me super happy.

  • The Passenger has some ridiculously good porkbelly nachos.

  • I am a nacho man. The best I’ve had in this city was on a Saturdya while watching Michigan football at Buffalo Billiards. On a good day, Buffalo Billiards has stellar nachos. On a bad day, though, they ain’t so fresh.

    Black Cat serves some decent nachos, but beware of the resulting garlic breath!!! 9:30 Club, oddly enough, also has some solid Nachos. Can’t leave out Stetsons. (and Nelly’s.) Maybe I’m just a nacho freak.

  • Years ago Red Hot & Blue made nachos topped with pulled pork which were fantastic. What really set them apart was that they used fried flour tortilla chips instead of corn. It was a completely different and AWESOME taste experience and I haven’t seen nachos like that anywhwere since. RH&B nowadays makes them with corn chis.

    Does anybody know where they sell Nachos made with flour tortilla chips????

  • El Tamarindo has the best nachos in the city.

  • Busboys and Poets. So good. So filling. Yummmmmm.

  • I’ve always been a fan of the Red Hot and Blue nachos with pulled pork.

  • Cap City Brewing. they are HUGE and filled with tasty beans and meat, also HALF PRICE at happy hour. Can’t beat an order of those and the chicken tenders

  • 7-11. Customize with plenty of nacho cheese and mystery meat sauce.

  • American Ice Co. pork swachos (swine nachos) are really good.

    • +1 – American Ice Company has some good ones. I just had them for the first time last week and was blown away. Very very very very very tasty.

      • hmm, I thought they were very mediocre.

      • i can only speak to the chips & queso at american ice, but i thought it was solid. good, salty chips.

      • I also thought these were great – largely because I love their queso there. I don’t know if I would say they are the best in the city, but definitely something I will try to get whenever I find myself there.

      • x1. Well, plus my real-estate agent who thinks they’re amazing.

  • I make pretty good ones, but you can’t have any because it’s not yo cheese!

  • Blackfinn downtown has some pretty good nachos with pulled pork BBQ on them.

  • Nachos BellGrande at this small place called, Taco Bell. The ground beef is delicious.

  • Chadwicks. Order the Large nachos. 10 dollars. They come out on a massive platter sized plate that has to have a napkin put under it due to how hot it is when it comes out. If you can finish the whole thing by yourself you are a god amongst men.

    Trust me on this people.

  • El Rinconcito II in Columbia Heights!

  • ventnors. so good.

  • Hard Times chili nachos at Nationals Park!

    (veg and meat versions available)

  • Chief Ike’s on Columbia Rd all the way! Their nacho/pizza lady is the best!

  • my fav was always the white bean nachos at Maddies.. i blogged about it about 100 years ago. http://giaxomo.blogspot.com/2010/04/review-maddies-dc.html

  • Mackey’s (even if the rest of their food is not good), but they only serve them after 4pm and Nelly’s. I’d wager that the person who voted Ventnors is probably spot on too, given that their burgers rock. Now must try Tryst…

  • Black Cat!!!!

  • Food For Thought (connecticut ave., circa 1986).
    Sorry, it was my instant answer & haven’t been able to think of anything better in current times. So there’s a win for old farts with selective memory issues.

  • jburka

    King Street Blues’ Roadhouse Nachos — house made potato chips with pulled pig and beer cheese.

  • Meridian Pint has (had) some great nachos. I just went to their site to get a descrpition and they no longer appear on the menu…d’oh!

    It involved pork and lots of guac.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Timely post, I’ve been craving nachos lately. Now I have some new places to try.

  • Austin Grill. Their nachos are individually covered with cheese. Even better at the reduce price happy hour price.

  • I’m just rooting for nacho advice to outweigh mugging advice.

  • Commissary in Logan Circle!! Delicious, amazing, drooling jus thinking about them

  • I think the critical part of this is whether there is real cheese vs “cheese” sauce. Favorites with real cheese? Mackey’s are up there for me. Tryst’s are really good as well. Others?

  • Bobby Van’s. Excellent portions of cheese, guac, salsa, etc., and can be made vegetarian w/ black beans on request. Ridiculously yum.

  • las placitas
    h st country club

  • ok may sound silly, but the nachos at lauriol plaza has delicious nachos. they are not your standard ones and they are not meant to share. but great for individuals, or two people just looking for munching food between margaritas. it’s a row of chips perfectly made with everything on them. i am the first to admit that lauriol can be frustrating/overrated but on the right sunny day totally worth it.

    i also happen to love haydees nachos cause they have a secret awesome hidden pile of beans underneath!

  • After an exhaustive 3 year tour of nachos in Washington, DC, I would have to say that The Tombs has the best nachos in the city. This may sound extreme, but really, they’re the best. Best beens, best meat, best guac, best salsa, and fresh jalapenos. I think they’re only $5 during their happy hour.

    Meridian Pint’s are also great (if they still have them on the menu).

    Sign of the Whale’s aren’t terrible, either.

  • The best in the city are tortilla coast nachos or at Union Pub you can get tator tot nachos. They might be the best thing I have ever ate and that includes dinner at Komi.

  • I think what we’ve learned here is that ‘chos rule and most everywhere does them very solid.

    One more suggestion, Champ’s sportsbar in pentagon row. Killer half beef half chicken combination.

  • Las Placitas/La Villa/La Cabana.
    Hands down.

  • H Street Country Club

  • This post is basically my new guidebook for life. I loved the nachos at Toledo Lounge and have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms for the past several weeks.

  • Steak nachos at the Alero in Dupont (only the dupont location).

  • Meridian Pint’s nachos are delish…. and more consistent than the rest of their menu.

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