Dear PoPville – New speed camera installed on Military Road

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

“Dear PoP,

In light of your popular post about the Porter Road speed trap:

While riding the E bus across to Friendship Heights, I noticed a construction crew working on eastbound Military Road near the eastern side of the Rock Creek Park ravine. The backhoe was making what looked like a single car length cut in the curb and were preparing to pave the grass over with a patch of concrete. The small construction site had the same size and orientation as the existing speed camera setup on westbound Military just past St. John’s College Prep, where a marked or unmarked police car with camera setup sits just past a 25 MPH sign. (For reference, this is the same thing that was installed on both directions of North Capitol Street near the Irving Street cloverleaf in the past year or so.)”

Heads up!

You can see a full list of red light cameras here and speed cameras here.

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  • Stealth Commuter Tax, FTW!

  • Here’s a solution: Don’t speed or drive like an asshole, and you won’t have to worry or care where the speed cameras are. Just a thought!

  • Don’t speed and you won’t have a problem.

    • Heres a thought. find where the speed camaras are and go around. And heres another thought, if you don’t like the way people drive in dc.. MOVE. If you don’t know your way around than you can take your snyde comments and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Hows that for a thought.

      • Since DC is the only place where people speed, right? Just move. That’ll solve everything.

        Stupid comment.

      • @Oneal,

        Nah. Actually, now that technology is catching up, and has overwhelming support from DC residents, people are actually starting to drive quite civilly. As we continue to erect more and more automated traffic controls, that can only improve in the future.

        Oh, and one more thing: if you don’t like the fact that we’re cracking down on speeders, red-light runners, and assorted other childish douchebags…MOVE.

    • I agree.. there isnt much room to speed in DC anyways, and if you are speeding on neighborhood roads, then thats just dangerous for the pedestrians.. But i hate it when i have to slow down because of a biker in the middle of the road.

  • Easy solution: don’t speed. duh.

  • Oh, look at me…I’m the perfect, law-abiding driver. I’m so perfect and great that I can’t smell my own feces.

    This is what I’m going to do…I’ll gun it until I get near the speed trap and then I’ll slow down through the speed trap and then I’ll gun it after I’m through the speed trap.

    And that’s what we call “telling the truth!”

    • @DaleJr.

      I’m going to write a letter to my Councilmember and to MPD suggesting they set up a second, hand-held system a hundred yards further down the road.

      It’s funny, but for all the shrieks of outrage the writing’s on the wall: technology will only make this stuff more and more effective. Driving in 2020 will be a *much* different experience than it is in 2011.

      • Right…because making us go 35 instead of 45 on a 4-lane road that has no pedestrian traffic is much more important than focusing tax dollars on arresting the schmucks in the crack house across the street from me or actually fixing the awful roads in the city or helping the homeless and unemployed. This is purely a way to get cash, and poor one at that as “ah” stated.

        But still, I am a capitalist pig, so I will pay for the privilege to speed when this evil technology takes over. In the meantime, I will slow down through the speed traps and speed up after I’m clear of them. And there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it.

        • Right, and that will work for a while, but eventually, you’ll just trigger a dozen or so of these things on your way across town. And hopefully we’ll succeed in implementing graduated fines based on income. Probably be able to assign points in another 5 years as well. And the money from those fines can be used to hire more beat officers–since MPD is facing chronic funding shortfalls.

          You’re on the losing end of history, and aside from moving to some “libertarian paradise” like Idaho, “there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it.”

          Enjoy your “Happy Motoring” in the short time while it lasts.

  • ah

    Whether speed cameras are good or bad, these have to be the stupidest form of them. They station a car in an obviously out of line place (e.g., the median, or a cut into the curb where there is none) and then think people won’t notice. Plus, the “trap” is in front of the car–that is the photo is taken after you’ve passed the car. Pretty much everybody knows what’s up right away, and even idiots figure it out after about 2 days. Only the most unobservant get caught. There’s one of these on Mass Ave. near observatory circle and everyone does what Dale Jr. plans to do. What’s the point? You’re neither raising revenue nor reducing speed.

  • I hereby issue a fatwah on speed cameras. Allah ahkbar!

  • Cut it down. Democracy by the people.

  • What annoys me the most, really, is that we are paying DC police to SIT in these cars for long periods of time. (The one on military just past the school always has a cop in the car, same for the one on 14th near the bus turn around). What a waste of resources! If they are going to do speed cameras, do them like Chevy Chase does, a machine that doesn’t need a full time officer to sit on his/her arse all day while the radar/camera does the work.

    Seriously, we have some major crime issues and yet here we have hired police paid to sit in an idling car just so that people can speed, slow down, and then speed again.

  • Alright, this is my last comment to you, Dr Pangloss.

    Ten years ago, automated traffic enforcement wasn’t thought of as nuts. It simply wasn’t cost effective yet. And still, these types of speed traps that PoP posted about, are not effective at all. You can see them from a mile away and slow down accordingly.

    Second, you are using the Swiss as an example for graduated fines based on income and saying that it could happen here? Really? Even if DC is left-leaning, the voters aren’t going to let it happen. It’s completely ridiculous. Again, if you’re going to have graduated fines, peg them either to mph over the speed limit and/or frequency/number of offences. It makes the most sense to deter the activity you so badly want to curb.

    And do I think you’re nuts because you feel that technology will have changing effect on society moving forward? Of course not. I think you’re nuts because of how you base your argument on some Utopian ideal rather than on what I deem to be something closer to reality.

    • Hey, look, I’m not emotionally tied to any of this stuff. Just pointing out the clear societal trends that are in the offing. I’m not quite sure what it is that you’re saying in the final paragraph there. Clearly you’re fixated on the “graduated fines” business. Fine. Retract that.

      I still say it’s quite likely we have much more effective automated traffic enforcement in the near future, that it retains popular support, that it severely curtails the sort of careless and reckless driving that’s universal in the DC, and that more than likely, points will be assessed as they do in California (and Nevada for manned speed traps, I believe).

    • Oh, and as far as graduated fines, it’s not just the Swiss, but most of Northern Europe (i.e. “Germany, France, Austria and the Nordic countries”)

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