Dear PoPville – Keys found on 42 bus heading north and Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Black Purse in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

Just found these keys on the floor of a 42 bus heading to Mt Pleasant. We are going to turn in to metro lost and found. Can you post the pic so the owner might be able to find their keys? Thanks!”

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“Dear PoP,

My purse was stolen last night while walking home at around 8pm on Park Rd between 13th and 11th, NW. Fortunately most of my valuables fell out after I and some wonderful neighbors chased the man around the block (not the smartest decision, I know, but many thanks to the kind strangers). Take this as yet another reminder to pay attention while walking. If people could keep an eye out for a black purse somewhere in the area, I have been working for several months on a blue and white baby blanket that should be in the purse. It is likely useless to the thief but the blanket is priceless to me and my friend’s newborn.”

Please email me [princeofpetworth(at)gmail] if you find the purse/blanket and I’ll put you in touch with the reader.

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  • sorry to hear about your purse! i live on park between 13th and 11th. i happen to be out of town but have sent an email to all of my roommates to be on the hunt 🙁

    • i must have just missed seeing all this, was walking west on park to the gym around this time. totally stinks. meridian pint has upped the foot traffic a ton here and i don’t think of the NE corner of CH as having too much of this goofiness. i guess it does.

  • I wonder if you could bring those keys to CVS – they should be able to figure out who they belong to. Though I don’t know what they would do – doesn’t seem likely that they’d mail them to the owner(???)

  • As a fellow knitter I can only imagine how upsetting it would be to lose a work in progress. Here’s hoping the guy just pulled out your valuables and jettisoned the purse somewhere.

  • I hate these criminal douche bags. I hate to hear stuff like this thats how I walk home like everyday. Glad to hear she wasn’t injuried.

  • use the card at a CVS, the name of the owner will print out on a receipt. Problem solved.

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