Dear PoP – Selling/Pawning

“Dear PoP,

Where can I sell/pawn a wedding set (engagement ring and wedding band)?”

Very sorry to hear this. What do you guys think – is a regular pawn shop the way to go – or maybe something like ebay? Anyone know of jewelry stores where you can sell these items for a fair price?

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  • Try Diener Jewelers at 1133 19th, NW

  • selling and pawning are different things. you don’t want a pawn shop at all if you just want to sell it outright. i don’t know of a good pawn shop, but you could try ebay to sell. maybe craigslist.

  • try a jewelers before you try a pawn shop!!!

  • ah

    +1 to anon. Pawning is to get a short term loan. Just like a watch in Philly, in DC your ring is worth $50.

  • I would second Diener Jewelers if you don’t want to go the online route. Do not use a pawn shop.

  • Craigslist. I’m in the market.

  • Avoid the pawn shop. The jeweler where the set was purchased from might buy it back or consign it for you. If you just don’t want the set anymore, they might even let you trade it in.

  • There is place in downtown falls church on broad and main. I sold a wedding ring there. Paid 5000, got 2800.

  • Sold mine at Boone and Sons and got a very good price, you’ll get better price if you have the paper work for the set so try to get that too.

  • Second Diener Jewelry… that’s where my wedding ring is from, and the owner is friendly and seems like an honest guy who wouldn’t rip you off.

  • I went to the diamond district in NY. Keep in mind, if you sell it, getting 1/2 for what was paid for the ring is a good price.

  • Depends on what the setting is made of. You can typically get close to all of the value of the metal if it is gold/silver/platinum. Take it to US GOld Buyers on 47th Street in NY. They typically pay 95-96% of spot price for precious metals under 5 ounces – given that it is likely 18-20K if gold, you have to take into consideration they may charge a few additional percentage points for melting. As for the stone(s), if it is a decent rock, you may be better off getting it appraised (again Macy’s in New York will appraise a diamond for $50). Once you have an authenticated appraisal from a place like Macy’s, you could probably get a good price on ebay, more than what a dealer would pay, but less than retail.

  • I never realized how fascinated I am by the idea of selling a wedding engagement ring! What are the stories here? It seems like ALOT of people have made a move to sell theirs! Does anyone feel comfortable sharing the back story to what happened?

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