Dear PoP – Mardi Gras Fun?

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A reader writes asking for fun suggestions for her 24 year old niece and friends, specifically, “suggestions for Mardi Gras fun just a few steps up from the body-shots, pukey, sticky-floor yob crowd.” Hahaha, I’m curious to hear your suggestions as well!

I’ll share a few suggestions emailed my way. Well first off, I’m sure New Orleans themed, Little Miss Whiskey’s will be pretty spectacular located at 1104 H Street NE. Also on H St, NE The Pug is celebrating Mardi Gras at 1234 H St, NE:

And in NW The Heights will be celebrating at 3115 14th Street NW:

Also in NW, and one of my personal favorites, the Red Derby located at 3718 14th St. NW will be celebrating their 3rd annual Mardi Gras:

“We’re gonna have 3$ Hurricanes and $5 Shrimp Po’ Boys. AND the DECK is OPEN!! WHoooo”

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  • i’d prefer to know where i can actually see a girl show her boobs for some beads.

  • How about the Zydeco Lofts in Columbia Heights?

  • If you go to the Heights stay away from their version of the po’ boy. I am not going to pretend to be some sort of food expert but I am fairly certain that po’ boy sandwiches are supposed to be served on crispy, almost stale, french bread and not on some sort of pretzel loaf. In short, their version isn’t any good.

    • not ‘almost stale’, but certainly NOT on a pretzel loaf! This is why I don’t even bother going to these things. If I’m not in New Orleans for MG, then what’s the point?

      Celebrating MG at the Heights would be like celebrating Christmas in a synagogue.

  • I am from NOLA and tend to not do the Mardi Gras thing up here. Yankee/mid-western/restaurateur ideas of Mardi Gras depress me and make me feel like I have to insert snarky and ultimately unhelpful “insights” that make me feel like a wet blanket. Better for all around if I stay away.

    • I feel the same way and had vowed to not even comment on this post, until Anon said poboys should be served on ‘almost stale’ bread… I couldn’t let that one slide.

      Still made me feel like a wet blanket, though!

      So folks, go out and have a blast! Enjoy yourselves, eat like a king or queen and forget your troubles! That’s what Mardi Gras is for!

      And for chrissakes, DC, say ‘hello’ to the person next to you!

      • See? I couldn’t resist the snark even when I was trying! 🙂

      • Got 2 king cakes shipped this year. One from Gambino’s the other from Haydels. A little happy for the tummy. But if it is still around may have to try Bayou Bakery’s next year – cause shipping them in is expensive.

        • I got one from Haydels today! Awesome. Ever had the Randazzo’s?

          • Nope.

            Hey did you get one of the ceramic collectibles as part of your package. They had ones commemorating the Saint’s win. One was a pig with wings, one was the devil in a frozen puddle, the third which I didn’t like as much was the one I got.

          • Yeah, baby! I got the flying pig! Wish I had the devil in ice… pretty funny.
            Randazzo’s with the cream cheese filling is unbelievable!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I agree completely. It’s best if I stay home. I accidentally went to a bar last year on Mardi Gras and I’m pretty sure the people I was with wished I weren’t there. I went home early to save the evening.

  • Forget Mardi Gras…it’s St Patrick’s day for me. Seeing the Pogues at the 930 Club tonight!

  • The Pogues are still around ??!!

  • Yeah, supposedly this is their final US tour.

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