Dear PoP – Love for Local Restaurant…Restaurant Judy

Great timing on this email because I was just admiring the above sign at Restaurant Judy located at 2212 14th St NW (just south of Florida).

If you have love for a local restaurant that should get more attention than it does, just send me an email with a photo if possible to princeofpetworth(at)gmail

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to chime in to share some love for a local spot I don’t think gets enough attention. Restaurant Judy (on 14th just south of Florida) seems to almost always be pretty much empty. It’s not a fancy spot by any means but they have really tasty, really cheap food… I think they borrow a little from various Central American cuisines and everything we’ve had has been good. I also take it as a good sign that whenever I’ve been in there my party is the only non-native Spanish speaking table there. The fried plaintains are AMAZING, there is something totally awesome about their super creamy beans and you can’t beat $2 for one of their delicious pupusas. On our most recent trip we met “the” Judy and she was beyond friendly. She shared that they’re trying to put together some Happy Hour specials and I hope it draws some more people in. I know further up 14th and into Mt. P there is an abundance of Salvadoran eateries, but Judy’s is a neat spot that fills a bit of a niche down around U. I have no affiliation with this place in any way other than as a patron and hope that others will give Judy’s a shot as well.”

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  • I used to live right next to Judy’s. Back then it was a pretty rough spot–bouncers with metal detector wands, and so on. Several times I was pretty sure I saw dudes doing lines on its back deck. But that was back before View 14 or Union Row or Solea were even holes in the ground, so I imagine things have changed.

  • +1 for Judy’s

    Good food, cheap prices, a lil slice of AmericaLatina.

  • +10 for the plaintains, papusas, tacos and friendly service. Love this place.

    The salsa verde they give you at the table when the food arrives is not to be trifled with. Serious heat in the best possible way.

  • Seconded! I love Judy’s. Super nice staff. Yummy food. Great prices. And the live cumbia/merengue/salsa/bachata on the weekends is a ton of fun, too.

    Shaw Parent: I remember the bouncer/metal detector shady days there, too, before 14th St. became Condo Canyon. Things have definitely changed.

    • Haha, condo canyon. Although, I think that name more properly belongs to Mass Ave. At least 14th still has a lot of the old buildings up (like Judy’s).

  • Been there once for a MHNA meeting and it was OK. Not the best food but I’m a biased Texan so I can’t be trusted. Also, with Pica Taco around the corner there really is no reason…

    That being said, Judy could polish the place up for the new neighborhood clientel. The door is plexiglass for chrissakes, the interior feels like an empty airport hangar with low lights and stale air, the second door (just up 14th from the main door) is gated over like a prison. Overall it is just a very, very uninviting place.

    And before we go all “gentrifier needs fancy white tablecloths” on me, I could give a shit about that stuff – but 99% of the other people around do and THAT will make or break Judy. Just look at the schmancy fancy skateboard/sneaker shop that is next door and its clean polished space that screams “come in and explore!”

    /TLDR its dark and uninviting with OK food

    • Pica Taco is great, but they don’t have plaintains. Or Papusas. Or half of the other menu items that Judy offers.

      I will give you the point about the improvements – especially that front door.

      The food, however, is much better than OK for ethnic, Hispanic DC offerings.

  • +many for Judy’s!

    Personally, I hate platanos, but hey, that’s not Judy’s fault! Everything else was delicious and cheap!

  • I can not recommend Judy Restaurant. I have been there three times and have been ripped off three times. If you are white and do not speak Spanish you will be charged handsomly for it–especially late at night. Do not go to this restaurant.

  • Fast Gourmet also has delicious plantains.

  • I got hooked on their pupusas after they catered an MHNA event. I live near the restaurant and since then have ordered trays of pupusas and quesadillas from them several times for parties. They’re always a hit.

    This year for Valentine’s day my husband took me to Judy’s as a surprise. He brought over flowers ahead of time, which the waitress put in an empty hot sauce container. We were the only people dining there that evening. Rather than having to deal with the V-Day hustle and bustle elsewhere on 14th Street, we lingered over a beer and dinner with bachata playing quietly in the background. And the vegetarian dinner I ordered was really good. Definitely will be back.

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