Dear PoP – Fish Fry?

“Dear PoP,

My friends and I hail from the hinterlands of our dear country where Lenten fish fries are predominant feature of our spring. We, however, have not found a great place to partake in this tradition here in DC. What are the best locations for great fish fries (extra points to the booziest ones)?”

I saw the sign above on 14th St, NW on the west side of V St, NW. There were also some recommendations given back in April ’09 and some others in Feb. ’10. I bet Horace & Dickies probably has a good one at 809 12th St. NE (just off H Street, NE). Perhaps Florida Avenue Grill at 11th and Florida Ave, NW. Bill’s Seafood Kitchen at 3601 Georgia Ave. NW. Anyone know of other good fish fries around town?

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  • Westminster church in SW does a fish fry every Friday (try saying that three times fast!) even outside of Lent. It’s part of their jazz night, which is really fun. It’s about a block north of the Waterfront metro.

    • They also serve fish and chicken dinners on Mondays when some of the regions best local blues bands play.

  • Henry’s Soul Cafe has some pretty good fried fish. Not boozie though because it’s only a take-out.

  • The church at South Cap and M St. SE (forget the name) has a lenten fish fry in the basement every friday from 10-2.

  • I was really hoping Codmother would be open by the start of Lent.

  • Definitely go to the above-pictured fish fry.

    It benefits the small Catholic elementary school at St. Augustine’s Chuch just east of 15th & V NW. I went last Friday and the food was delicious and the people were really nice. Not crowded at all and they were open all afternoon last week.

  • Totally aside, shad are now running in east coast rivers which makes now the time of year to go get shad roe. It looks pretty gross but is absolutely delicious.

  • That sign is confusing. If the fish have the spatulas, what exactly is going to be fried? (lurking, creepy organ music inserted here)

  • If you’re willing to venture down the yellow line, Eamonn’s in Old Town Alexandria makes the best fish and chips. And serves Guinness.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support St. Augustine School at 14th and V! My wife has been a teacher there for 7+ years and they need all the resources they can get. Plus, they have a great history.

  • Is there a way St. Augustine’s could stay open past 4:30? I would love to support the school, but there’s no way I could get there before 5:30 on a Friday.

  • saf

    This came across the Brightwood listserve just now:

    Nativity Church and the Knights of Columbus are having their annual Lenten Fish Fry.

    Date: Friday, March 18th
    Time: 7:00 to 8:00 pm
    Place: Nativity Church, 6001 13th St, NW, Church Lounge

    Cost: $10 for a dinner
    $ 5 for a sandwich

    Dinner includes fish, 2 sides, and a salad

    There are also drinks and desserts available for sale. And we have fresh, hot boned and boneless fish!

    This is a fundraising event so please come join us for good food and fellowship. You can eat in or take it out!

    The Fish Fry will be held on the next few Fridays during Lent so feel free to come and bring your friends.

    It sure beats cooking on a Friday Night!

  • I support the St. Augustine’s cause(s) but just have to say that they hate dogs there. Or at least the “security” people on Sunday’s hate dogs. Always mean to us when we are walking by. Mean, mean, mean.

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