Dear PoP – DC budget survey available Online

Screen shot from survey. You can take the Survey here.

“Dear PoP,

It may be worth noting that there is a survey on the DC government website asking for feedback on the 2012 budget. Who knows if this will reach anyone, but it can’t hurt to take a minute and send some ideas.”

You can take the Survey here.

Do you think feedback of this variety is useful?

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  • my suggestions:

    get rid of city owned SUVs that cost more than my mortgage and maybe stop giving out $100,000/year jobs to people who were tried for attempted murder and children of high paying donors. just my suggestion, but may not actually work in the long run because competence usually isn’t required to run the DC government

    • Agree those are cuttable expenses, but they will solve all of 0.001% of DC’s budget problems (despite all of the attention the media likes to give to them).

  • I told them to stop paying for social services to repeat offenders.

  • add more red light cameras.

  • Other than that little survey being completely worthelss other than as a “Look what I did, I am awesome” bumper sticker for Gray, I am constantly amazed at how inept the nations highest paid council and its Mayor are at cutting a budget that’s grown 26% in the past 5 budget years.

  • I suggest a 20% cut off the top of everything / expense: jobs, budgets, pay levels, services – exclude police and fire.

    Then we can try to rebuild with today’s needs guiding us.

  • I think DC should consider toll booths into the city.

  • “What Ward do you live in?”


    Once City!

    (except if you live in Ward 1 and wanted public safety or economic development)

    Also, great idea AD! Why the hell don’t we do that? It would have an added effect as a congestion charge.

    • Not going to happen people. Just ask the cry baby on Capitol Hill with the big R by his name.

      Oh yeah, WAKE UP! Try 8 wards, not 1 city – but it was good try.

  • I would like to see a 10 fold incease in spending on dog parks.

  • How about charging a city tax for those persons that work in DC, but don’t live in DC? I believe that would raise a great deal of revenue.

    • Your idea, while great, will never get past the VA and MD congressional delegations.

    • That’s probably not a good idea. There’s already not very much incentive for businesses to locate to downtown DC. A commuter tax will hasten moves to office parks (like Tysons, Rosslyn, and PG County) and cause more congestion and misery in the exurban region. Let’s just be happy that the commuters buy lunch in the city, work at businesses that pay property taxes in the city, and likely go out to dinner after work / on the weekends in the city, pay for parking in the city, etc. All of these things generate tax revenue.

      And just to preempt the next point I assume somebody will make, yes, I live in DC and work in DC. I’m just trying to be realistic.

  • Soooo…I think the idea of “governing by poll/survey” is bad bad bad generally.

    But this 5-question survey is hilarious. It seems designed not to collect any serious information. How do you feel on a scale of 1-5 about these incredibly generic services categories? How about a non-specific proposal that we raise more revenue? And, the essay: Any ideas? Pretty, pretty please?

    • This survey instrument is brutally useless. Hopefully it only took 5 minutes of staff time to put together, and no data collected will be analyzed.

      Props to PoP for posing the question ‘Do you think feedback of this variety is useful?’

  • Suggestion: Start taxing federally owned property in the district.

  • omg, this is ridiculous – this looks like a survey for people with the political savvy of a 10-year old. The thing that will save the city the most money is a well-run city government. Try rooting out inefficiency (that can be found by evaluating programs, people, and processes), not pitting education vs. public safety against each other for funding.

  • Gray is SO in touch with the people! he cares what we think.

  • Well, I filled the thing out knowing it will fall on deaf ears. But whatever. I participated, right?

    This administration is a joke.


  • I filled this out at work. Will complete it again when I get home and also on my handheld. Might move my ward around also. We are already taxed enough, lets look at other options. Cut 10-15% off most departments except public safety. Look closely at pensions. Require DC govt workers to live in DC. Cut off welfare recipients after they have exceeded the federal max. Stop enabling teenage pregnancies. Eliminate luxury cars for officials. Lower middle class tax rate to encourage tax payers to move into DC. Set up stings around govt buildings to catch those parking cheats with VA and MD handicap placards. Enforce parking restrictions on Sunday around churches. Auction off DC owned properties. Clamp down on speculators who hold properties for years without renovating. Reduce DC bureaucratic impediments to starting small business and restaurants.

  • I think this is pretty funny, reducing top manager salaries…wow, they will see quite a drop. I wish I was a fly on the wall watching this brain storming session.

    Vince Gray looks like a muppet… so weird looking. And it really is like the muppet show.

    WASHINGTON – Today Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced that he had reduced the salaries of eight executive staff members to the compensation caps reflected in Council approved personnel pay schedules. The affected employees were notified on Monday, March 14, of the personnel action.

    “I hired managers with outstanding qualifications and their initial salaries reflected their extensive experience and background,” Mayor Gray said. “I have now adjusted those salaries commensurate with the compensation schedules.”

    Salary adjustments are as follows:

    LAST NAME FIRST NAME TITLE Previous Salary Reduced Salary
    Akhter Mohammad N. Director, Department of Health 180,000 179,096
    Banks Judy D. Interim Director, Department of Human Resources 180,000 179,096
    Hoskins Victor Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development 185,000 179,096
    Nathan Irvin B. Attorney General 180,000 179,096
    Mahaley Hosanna State Superintendent of Education 185,000 179,096
    Turnage Wayne Director, Department of Health Care Finance 180,000 179,096
    Wright De’Shawn Deputy Mayor for Education 180,000 179,096
    Warren Graves Chief of Staff, Office of the City Administrator 195,000 193,125

    Mayor Gray will continue to review the salaries of other executive staff members and will seek approval from the Council where such approval is required.

  • Stop handing out gubberment checks to all my lazy worthless crack smokin, 40-drinkin neighbors…(who are on disability of couuuurse)

    Put every kid in DJYS (or whatever that acronym is) and everyone who is convicted of murder on an express train to “No-longer-breathing-town”

    those are my helpful suggestions

    Oh, and offer free iceberg rides for people over 78.

  • For every tear that John Boehner sheds, DC gets a million dollars.

  • houseintherear

    I’d take the survey if question 2 read “the ward in which you live”.

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