Dear PoP – Blue Banana Experience Part 2

“Dear PoP,

I am the original poster who had the negative experience when the Blue Banana first opened. A lot of the commentors thought I didn’t give them a fair chance. I was hopeful that the owners would read my post and fix the issues. I’d like to do my part to promote them now if I can. I hope you post this or let them know they have a happy customer. My original complaints were:

1.) They didn’t have Direct TV as advertised – now they do
2.) There was no place to hang up my purse and jacket under the bar – now there are plenty of hooks
3.) The bathroom was gross with pubes and poop – this time it was VERY clean (even at midnight!)

The band (Bandylions) were really good. The place was packed and it looked like everyone was having a great time. The guy bartender gave me a fun dog fish coaster puzzle and my husband thought the girl bartender was hot. They were both really nice and efficient. The beer selection was great and the prices were reasonable. There was lots of Duke fans earlier in the night before the music started. (Nice win UNC.) I am looking forward to watching future March Madness games there in the very near future. If the owners are reading now, thanks for the great addition to the neighborhood. Cheers!”

Blue Banana, recently opened in Dec. ’10, is the sports bar located at 3632 Georgia Ave, NW next to Looking Glass Lounge south of the Petworth metro. When they first opened I received a number of negative emails and after posting one some neighbors went batshit crazy strongly disagreed. At the time I wrote:

“Personally, I think it’s a bit too early to tell but hopefully they make some adjustments after reading some constructive criticism. ”

I’m happy to hear that the original letter writer is now a fan. That section of Georgia Ave is ripe for (and has already seen some) more positive development. Have you had the chance to visit or revisit the Blue Banana? How were your experiences?

It’s great to round out sports bar week with a positive review.

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  • SusanRH

    Blue Banana? or did the place misspell the word banana?

  • I went there a few times during the NFL playoffs. No complaints.

    The OP sounds a real…..interesting person.

  • I think the BB is what it aims to be – a good neighborhood joint to watch some games & drink some beers. I’m happy to have it a block from my house.

  • Some people just happen to like pubes and puke, it’s part of the standard sports bar experience.

    • note OP said “pubes and poop,” not “pubes and puke.” c’mon man, puke? that’s just gross.

  • I’ve been and I really enjoyed it. I thought the staff was actually one of the friendliest I’ve encountered in DC. Their Thursday night drink special is a great deal and it has a very….interesting vibe. Definitely not another bar like it. I am a fan and while I don’t make it up to that stretch of Georgia Ave too often, knowing that this bar has convinced me to make the trek more often.

  • Have they started opening early for weekend soccer games yet?

  • It’s cool. I like it a lot. I wish they had food though. They keep teasing saying that soon they will have bar food, but it does not seem to be a priority. That area is not a big bar area…yet. and in the meantime, I would love to pop in on my way home from work and grab a bite to eat. So for now, Looking Glass still wins 9 out of 10 times, but I do like the Banana. I am looking forward to the outdoor patio in back when the weather is warmer.

    I do think it is a bit odd to have the cheesy, neon Corona light in the window when they are trying to be an upscale bar. It doesn’t fit with the ambiance of the rest of the place and can certainly go. But I know this is picky…

  • lovely to hear the revised experience. bravo.

  • bfinpetworth

    Last time I went there I ordered a Manhattan – and the bartender looked confused and said they don’t have vermouth. Ugh. I like beer but sometimes ADULTS like something a little stronger!

    Also didn’t like that loud music was playing during a NFL playoff game. In a sports bar I want to hear the game, not just look at it. But maybe thats just me…

    Otherwise – I really like the look of the place and the folks working there and Jamie the owner are really great.

  • Bandylions were sick! They cover all the songs that you’d have on your typical “let’s make a cd about high school, college, and now” playlist. Their guitarist was hot.

    The bar was sweet, too. Lots of big TVs, and the bartenders were pleasant.

  • i went a week or two back with low expectations. it met none of them. i found their beer selection to be decent, their prices to be great with the nightly promo on beer, the place to be clean, and the bartender to be nice and receptive to input on how to improve. i will definitely be back and i will recommend it.

  • I have been twice and had a good experience both times.

    Jamie is very nice and I enjoyed the Bandylions. I am all for a place with live music…

    Bonus- I met some of my Petworth neighbors!

  • I am a FANDYLION!

  • I go there often (very convenient to my house) and think it’s a great bar. Clean, good beer selection and Caps games. I think the name is terrible though. Really terrible. What’s wrong with Plaid Scream Orangutan Jumping House Beer Den?

  • The beer selection was much better than people give Blue Bananna credit for (I like really good beer). I also think that band Bandylions were the best band I’ve heard in DC. I’m gonna FaceBook them cuz they said they’re playing somewhere for St. Patty’s Day. God beer and solid night!

  • Cool – I think the place has really hit its stride and is now consistently drawing more customers

    Very happy for our neighborhood business

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