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  • hahaha….reminds me of when someone broke into my car and i duct taped the message “thanks neighbors” over my temporary trash bag window. the only problem here is that there is clearly a GPS mount sitting on the dashboard :/

    • Very funny and pragmatic. However, if we all put that message in our windows it shall lose its effect on the crackhead(s)… 🙂

  • Collegues and Inquired – big words for crackheads.

    I wonder if they will get the message.

  • Opps – Pass out the read pens – Colleagues

  • Wow- People struggling with addiction are really funny. How do you know that’s who stole something from your car? I get the rage and the desire to be funny, but c’mon.

    • You’re right. This is an affront to the high-functioning, contributing crackheads in our society. We should alert the Crackheads Against Defamation League. It is outrageous that these innocents are maligned in this way. Fortunately, they will forget within 2-3 minutes when it’s time to procure more crack.

      I object to your characterization of all crackheads as “struggling” with addiction. Some have fully embraced it.

      My sympathy ends where my windows begin. The. Sign. Is. Hilarious.

    • Depends on the addiction–crack is considered funny in polite society.

    • So their addiction gives them a right to smash a car window? Maybe the sign should have been more inclusive and listed solitary public drinkers, petty thieves and misguided youth.

      That being said, by the left over paraphernalia I find strewn about my yard, crack heads should not be ruled out

      • +1

        It could have been the Chief of Emergency Medicine at a local medical center, who, while walking through the area to open another social services location or to preserve a local taqueria, happened upon a kindly elderly nun having a severe allergic reaction to gentrification, leaving her no choice but to smash the window of the car to get to a ballpoint pen on the dash to perform an emergency tracheotomy to save that aged nun’s life.

        I hear hoofbeats, so a zebra must be loose nearby; please excuse me.

  • people who would actually break into a car probably would do it out of spite by reading that note. it annoys the crap out of me and i’m not a “crackhead”

    • Agreed. If I were a petty thief I sure wouldn’t appreciate being called a crackhead, even if I were one. The note is funny, but I think this person is asking for trouble.

      Maybe we a need a ‘Should we say something to sarcastic and jaded locals’ discussion next.

      • God forbid we hurt the feelings of this low-life criminal.

        • I’m just saying I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this guy has a brick through his window by tomorrow morning.

          • You’re giving them too much credit.

            It is good to see someone take some sort of stand instead of running off to safelite with their tail between their legs.

            Plus, these window smash and grab guys are NOT looking for attention. The less heat they have the better.

            (not saying I would have done it!)

          • Taking a stand? The dude crafted a witty message, printed up a sign, took a picture of said sign and posted it to a blog. Maybe he keeps the sign up a day or two, tops. It pretty obvious by the way it was written that the message wasn’t intended to appease a criminal but to entertain us.

          • You hit the nail on the head. He DID something.

          • I think you’re missing the point—He already had a brick go through his window. Look at the broken glass to the right of the note. There’s not much more for him to worry about at this point..

          • Getting keyed?

          • “I think you’re missing the point—He already had a brick go through his window. Look at the broken glass to the right of the note.”

            Weird, I don’t see any broken glass in the picture. I was under the impression the previously broken window had already been fixed. If he has nothing to worry about now why put up the sign?

          • “Weird, I don’t see any broken glass in the picture. I was under the impression the previously broken window had already been fixed. If he has nothing to worry about now why put up the sign?”

            Anon- Now that I look closer, it may just be a reflection along the window frame. It’s hard to tell. If so, disregard what I said, I’m wrong.

    • Funny, you sound like a crackhead.

    • Oh grow a sense of humor. Sheesh.

  • I put warning signs up in my U st neighborhood,. They were torn down? Should the U st restaunts warn customers?

    • Probably because people don’t want to live in a neighborhood plastered with “caustion – high car theft break ins” signs all around. I would have torn them down too if they were anywhere near where I live in Cap Hill and cars do get broken into in my area.

  • We confront the suspicious characters on my block. If I see someone hanging around that I don’t know I make it appoint that they see me looking at them. Then if they continue their behavior — i.e., looking in cars, going up and down the street I confront them and shout, “I’m watching you.” Then if they try and get aggressive I immediately yank out my phone quite visibly ready to call 911.

    So I applaud the note — actually people need to ratchet up their vigilance. The graffiti and crimes of convenience are on a uptick in the U Street area.

    • I do this too. I have zero tolerance for thieves and bull-sh on my block. I am a proud cop caller…

      Pocket full of dimes to drop right here.

    • Davester’s approach is taking a mature stand. The original victim/note writer is smugly asking for renewed vandalism/ like j mentioned earlier. It just seems so snarky and arrogant… like a “crackhead” really gives half a shit about your witty note enough for them to feel bad or stop stealing.

      But yes, amongst the blog commenter crowd (of which I’m a proud member), you deserve praise for your courageous stand, Car Break-in Victim.

      You know what a real courageous stand would be? a note on the busted window challenging the perp to a fight. Think about it.

  • “If I see you on this block again I’ll have you institutionalized so fast it will make your head spin!”

  • Dan who posted the Best of Craigslist – holy crap – hilarious.

    For the folks wondering if the window had already been fixed – no, it had not been. The window was still completely busted out (that’s my hand in the picture). To the right of the note you can see glass still hanging from the door frame.

  • Don’t leave the GPS mount exposed. Smart thieves know that most owners are dumb, and the GPS units are in the glovebox or under the seat.

    • me

      Same goes for the mark it leaves behind on the window once you take it off. Just take your sleeve or a napkin and wipe the window for a second. That’s why we figure someone broke into my husband’s car- he left the distinguishing mark on the window.

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