Cricket Fans You’re in Luck – Catch the World Cup Finals this Saturday at Touchdown

I know we have a lot of cricket fans in PoPville… Perhaps not, but I still think it’s awesome that we have the option of watching the World Cup Finals somewhere. Touchdown is located at 1334 U St, NW. Out of curiousity – any cricket fans? I’m pulling for India!

From an email:

Championship Saturday
featuring the International Cricket Council

Come celebrate the 2011 ICC World Cup at Touchdown!

Sri Lanka vs. India (Mumbai, India)

Doors Open at 6 a.m./Drink service after 8 a.m.

Select Breakfast Menu from 6 a.m.-12 p.m.

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  • Yes!!! Go INDIA!!!

  • Probably should edit the title to “Cricket Fan.”

  • Bah, I’m not over the Proteas loss to the Black Caps last Friday. I dont think I can even stomach to read about who wins.

  • Thanks so much for this- i’ve been plotting complicated cords connecting laptops to computers!

    saved my life! me and my indian crew will be there

  • and this is exactly why this place will go the same fate as Momo’s: Cricket? The NCAA final four starts at 6pm, the cricket game will still be going on.

  • The cricket match should be over by 1pm. The ICC World Cup is only 50 overs.

  • I foresee the Smiling Assassin taking the Little Master’s wicket when he’s on 99 and then smacking one of his trademark bewildered boundaries to take us back to the promised land. India is lucky that Pakistan couldn’t catch and that Hafeez thought a paddle sweep was a good idea. That being said I’d feel better playing Pakistan than face the Indian lineup.

  • I thought the game (match?) was on at 4am?

  • India!!

    Always good to know the match will be on across the street from where I live.

  • The game suppose to start at 5am. Where’s the Sri Lankan love out there!! Come on Lions!

  • What’s the point if the match starts at 5am?

  • Lions vs Tigers… this will be one good game.

    Too bad I have other plans, wish they did this for other games.

  • Lets go Sri Lanka. Time to kick whup some a$$.

  • There are in fact tons of cricket fans in the neighborhood. Solly’s showed most of the games during the last world cup — and there were probably 75-100 people for each of the semi-finals (and that was during work hours). Good for touchdown for being savvy enough to show the game. Bad for the couple of posters here who are evidently not afraid to flaunt their ignorance.

  • Yes, I really like this place. Simple and relatively affordable in a prime area.

  • Touchdown did a great service to all the cricket lovers (and mostly Indian cricket team fans) by showing the match here. The bartender and owner did an excellent job managing the insane and huge crowd that gathered there for this cricket world cup showdown. Definitely coming back here again!

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