Black Squirrel’s Basement Bar/Tap Room Opens with Huge Bar in Adams Morgan

We first learned that the Black Squirrel, located at 2427 18th Street, NW, would be opening up their basement bar back in May ’09. They official opened last Thurs. After visiting the new space last night, I can confidently say – it was worth the wait. The place looks fantastic with one of the biggest bars I’ve ever seen at nearly 56 feet.

The downstairs bar will be known at the Tap Room and as it sounds will offer tons of beer options. Though there are bar snacks (menu after the jump) if you want to order from their proper food menu – you’ll need to eat upstairs. As you would imagine with a 56 foot bar, downstairs, the focus is the beer. You can see their full beer list here. In the front of the space they’ll also be showcasing local musicians.

Anyone check it out yet?

More photos after the jump.

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  • Haven’t been yet, but I’ll give it a pre-emptive fifty thumbs up. I’ll be there.

  • There are plenty of other places where I’d rather spend my money.

    • I hope you don’t shop at Whole Foods, then.

      • I don’t normally shop at Whole Foods because it is overpriced garbage, but if I did I would continue to shop there until a catalyzing event or clear boycott. You can’t boycott everything, but when energy builds around a movement, that’s the fight to pick. Yes, it’s unfortunate that in a lot of ways it’s easier to target a small business than a big chain (which is why I appreciate nonprofits and unions that organize these kinds of fights and try to support them!), but in this situation you have a business that posted some very objectionable things and clear alternatives (lots of other wonderful area bars and restaurants).

    • Agreed. There are plenty of better options that are more accessible to me. Why go out of my way to go to the place with the disgusting owner? Another reason to avoid the Morgue.

  • Oooh check out that graffiti!!! Inside!!! So f-ing edgy!!!

    Breckenridge IPA for $5 is pretty solid for The Strip though.

    • Am I the only one who thinks that graffiti sure looks like some Latino gang tags? I do hope they checked the citizenship of every person who worked on the renovation.

      • graffiti in bars almost always looks idiotic. it’s 25 years past cool.
        there is far far better street art going on that that crap.

  • I applied for a job here and was told they only hire women.

  • Nice beer list. Too bad these guys made my boycott list after they decided to post racist stuff on their blog.

  • Any word on Toledo Lounge? Has it reopened yet?

  • I like the spot but the beers are way overpriced compared to other beer spots in the area.

  • hey expensive, maybe cos the other places in adams morgan only serve cheap american drafts in plastic cups.

  • Isn’t this where Pat Benatar filmed “Love is Battlefield?”

  • Been there, loved it. Been back to the taproom a couple times. Good prices compared to other craft beer bars. Spoke to the owner (a woman, can’t remember the name). Really nice and the bartenders were nice and fast with the beers. Probably one of the best places in the area now. Saturday night was pretty busy, but the service was still very good. I’d give it two thumbs up, especially for Adams Morgan

  • I love the “Made in America” shout out on the beer list. Surprised they serve anything else

  • Looks nice, still have fond memories of the upstairs, but I too am on the boycott bandwagon. It’s 2011 not 1911. Get over the nationalist, xenophobic BS.

  • This is my neighborhood bar and I <3 it! The food is great. The beers are amazing (and well priced for the quality and selection – if you want to have cheap Miller Lites and sticky floor – look elsewhere). The owners are always there. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I don't know of any other establishment in Adams Morgan that has all that. The Taproom will be a great addition !

    And I completely disagree with those who have boycotted the establishment because of that blog post. His post was well-written and I did not think it was racist at all – just honest about problems we face as a multicultural country. Maybe the boycotters are not the type of clientele I want to sit next to while I'm enjoying myself at a bar. Who knows.

    • Nice try, plant. How dumb do you think we are?

      No PoP poster has ever been this gushingly excited and detailed in their praise about a bar opening ever. Big mistake. You did stop just short of calling the owner good looking, I’ll give you that.

      • I am absolutely unaffiliated with the bar, besides the fact that I spend too much money there. The reason I gush about it is because we haven’t had a place like that in the neighborhood for a LONG LONG time. Also I’m a big craft beer fan, so I generally over-gush over access to great beer in a friendly and comfortable environment.

        I don’t think that Tom should use the restaurant blog to air personal feelings, but I think what he said was nothing offensive or racist as others interpreted it to be.

        Amy is pretty cute though, but I have a culinary crush on Gene because I love his food. The gravy is amazing. I wish I could make gravy like that – and I’m a pretty good cook.

  • So happy that this downstairs bar was able to open. Food menu looks good and reasonably priced. Have some concerns with the beer pricing though. $11 for HornDog, Cellar Door, or Night Tripper is $3 more than I think it should be. $8 for Racer 5 when most places in DC have it for $6? Many of the prices seem to be $1-2 out of whack. Although I am glad to see the Port City Porter at a comparative steal for $5.50.

  • Also I wanted to add that seeing the owners there EVERYTIME I go to the bar is a big plus in my book. I am not friends with them or know them outside of the bar, but they are always there. They are really dedicated to the place and it shows.

    • You continue to insult us by underestimating our intelligence. Way to win over potential patrons. Brilliant.

      • SERIOUSLY? You can ask PoP yourself – I am NOT affiliated with the bar, in fact I’m about as far as you can get from the service industry, I’m a scientist – I just love the place. Geez. Can’t someone talk about how much they love a place instead of only saying bad things? It is my neighborhood bar and I want them to succeed so that the place will always be around.

        • GroovyRooster: Actually I find it hilarious that folks like that try so hard to push the negativism. You can see the little veins poppin’ out they head when they type, they struggle so hard to be cold, unimpressed, offended, etc.

          I’m on the record as a long-time pro-black-squirrel gusher as well. And seriously, if these miserable chumps insist on hauling that much bad-vibe sh*t around, I wouldn’t want ’em in my pub of choice anyway. I’m sure there’s a great bar somewhere where they can gather and bitch about things to each other. Sounds like a blast.

          • Well said, IntangibleArts! I generally don’t post here because there are always really negative responses that have no real purpose other than to make people angry, but I try to stick up for my favorite spots.

            What did these folks do before anonymous blog posts came around? Has there been a recent downtick in road rage accidents and SUV tire slashing coinciding with the advent of the blog commenting system?

            I’ll just stick to delicious gravy and beer.

          • FWIW the owner invited all this negativity. He brought it on himself. You can’t honestly say he didn’t expect (nay, invite) a backlash. If any bar deserves a negative reaction, this is it. There’s a reason this is the one bar in DC — the only bar — has a bunch of “chumps” boycotting it.

            I used to be a Black Squirrel gusher myself (the bouncer knew me by name, and I’d take people there all the time), until I found out about the owner’s political views.

            In order to lay down your own negativity(!), you’ve sidestepped a crucial point — that the gripe about the owner’s actions is legit. It may not bother you, but it does many others.

          • I do not believe what Tom wrote makes him a racist. I also do not believe he should have used his restaurant’s blog as a forum to discuss a political issue, but I do not believe his post makes him racist.

            It is unfortunate that you and others feel that way, but if the people who feel that way are as negative as you were in attacking me for writing something positive about a bar I really love – then I am sure you and your hate will not be missed by me and many others at our neighborhood bar.

          • To be fair to me, you do come across as a shill for Black Squirrel. Re-read what you wrote. It’s as if Tom’s mom went online to talk his business up.

            You obviously want his business to do well, so unless you are in fact Dr. Pangloss (of literary fame, not the commenter), you’ll understand that diminishing his patronage hurts his chances of survival. Say you don’t need customers like me? Not true. I used to bring new people there, and got on well with a couple of the staff members.

            Calling me hateful for disliking a bar which espouses hateful attitudes is… what’s that word? Ironic?

  • Back to the topic at hand…. yes I have been, yes I thought it was cool, and yes the beer was yummy!

    If you have lived in DC as long as I have, politics is everywhere- get used to it. If every bar/restaurateur’s political beliefs were as open/talked about the Squirrels, there would be no place to go and have a good brew… not to mention the awesome BLTs on the main/1st floor!

  • ” If every bar/restaurateur’s political beliefs were as open/talked about the Squirrels, there would be no place to go and have a good brew…”

    Well, that is the point, ain’t it. Most people who sell people things realize immediately to keep private opinions private. This noob didn’t stay private. His postings shows disregard for the business aDAGE: DON’T OFFEND POSSIBLE CLIENTS. Else it shows total disdain for any possible clients who might disagree with him, or absolute stupidity on his part.

    He may be a nice guy, but he put his foot in mouth, and now must suffer the consequences of his decision to express his opinion.

    He runs a restaurant in which he invites the public to enter his establishment. He has now made it difficult for people to provide him money, because his views are an anathma to many of his (former) clientele. Whether or not this matters to him is unknown. Seems he is shocked that a boycott would happen. Seems he wishes he never wrote the blog. But it does nto seem he would post a response ala:
    “Personal opinions should not have been expressed on a business blog, and for any offense to our readers, we apologize. We have since removed the post from our blog, due to it’s inappropriate nature. The Black Squirrel blog will be for information about events, food and beer being served at our establishment. We hope you will return soon to a neighborhood bar that welcomes patrons looking for great food and fabulous beer selections.”

    Instead, he leaves it up, and goes on about his business. To each their own. I find it to be a bit pricey, and the food is hit or miss some nights (fish & chips… egads), but I still go to the bar every once in a while. It’s close to home, and to be blunt, I found the rant so ridiculously childlike – I actually thought it was a joke. Then again, I prefer walking abit further up and hitting the Meridian Pint… so don’t tell me what their politics are.

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