Beer History in the Making: DC Brau to be Served April 15th at Meridian Pint

I am very happy to report that at long last you will soon be able to drink a Public Ale from DC Brau – DC’s first brewery in over 60 years. I spoke with Meridian Pint general manager Drew Swift who shared the great news. Friday April 15th will be a huge launch party for DC Brau’s Public Ale. The party will be called “Tax Relief Day” and from 5-8pm you’ll be able to sample the Public Ale for $4 a pint and from 8pm through the rest of the night for $5. There will be multiple kegs including, of course, on all the table taps. Commemorative t-shirts celebrating the historic event will be available as well. For the rest of the weekend DC Brau’s Public Ale will be available exclusively at Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW). And starting Monday keep your eyes peeled for Public Ale throughout the city.

Ed. Note: Meridian Pint is a PoP advertiser.

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  • Awesome – looking forward to it.

  • Can’t wait!!

  • Has anyone sampled any of DC Brau’s product yet? I’m excited that there is a microbrewery in the area, but the proof is in the pudding… err, beer.

    I’m all for DC pride, but the fact that they are located within District borders (a whopping 0.4 miles from Eastern Ave NE) means nothing if the beer sucks.

  • FYI, according to their FB site, DC Brau will be served at Rustik tavern, Timor, and Windows Cafe too

  • @Denizen

    The beer buyer at Meridian Pint assures me their beer is high quality (from tasting other test batches), even though he hasn’t specifically had the Public yet. I tend to trust his judgment, but I’m curious as well.

  • Awesome! And we can try it right before Passover begins!

  • love it. will most definitely be there.

    as for the comment about the location being barely within district borders, here are my reasons i think it rules.

    1) DC pride (not the rainbow kind, the stars and bars kind). it would have been just as easy for these guys to set up shop 0.4 mi OUTSIDE the district. but they didn’t.
    2) tax dollars to DC as a result of sales. how many other finished taxable goods do you see DC producing?
    3) even if it’s swill, a good number of extremely popular beers at DC bars are swill (i’m looking at you miller lite). if bars price it somewhat competitively with the macrobrews, i bet you’ll see a following develop. let’s hope we can get the PBR drinking hipster crowd to switch to the “drink local” philosophy.

  • WIN!

    Cannot wait to try it, I will be there.

  • Setting up in DC, means that a manufacturing business (such as beer) must be in a commercial manufacturing zoned district. These tend to be on the outskirts of town as there is very little CM 1 or CM 2 zoning downtown.

  • Doing kegs at meridian pint instead of cans @ a place like red derby won’t win them any pbr drinkers.They should have gone more like National Bohemian from Baltimore… meh

    • They aren’t canning for the first few months. They need time to fill demand for kegged beer in bars before they worry about canning for off premise accounts

  • They will be selling cans at Red Derby once the cans are available. Keep checking the website for more information on where you can find DC Brau beer once it’s in the market.

  • This is exciting news, but I *really* wished that beer wasn’t so overpriced in DC — this obviously doesn’t apply just to Meridian Pint or DC Brau. It’s a little discouraging though when the special launch-party price is $4, and for only 3 hours! I know almost every bar in DC overcharges, but, unless you’re getting some type of rare brew or something that’s just a one-off batch, no pint should be more than $4. That’s just my 2cents, FWIW…

    …and, please, don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to single out DC Brau or MP.

    • Places will start undercharging for beer when their building owners start undercharging them for rent. Bars don’t just pick these high prices out of thin air – they need to pay their bills.

    • Think of it this way, they are a start up brewery in DC, and they could use all the capital they can get. I want to see them succeed. I’ll pay upwards of $4 for a pint.

      Besides, a pint of good beer anywhere will cost you at least $3 at a happy hour, more likely $4-5. If you don’t want to come, that’s fine, it’ll make room for someone else.

  • DC=Overcharge But that sounds pricey for a local brew.Hopefully they can make it work.

  • what happened to the opening party being at rustik?? i am disappoint

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