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  • even with a little bit of debris, lower u street is so much more characterful than other parts of the city

  • lower-class and uneducated people litter. Its a fact of life in this city. It pisses me off to no end but the people who throw their shit everywhere aren’t going to change. They dont care. They have no pride or concern for others. Selfish, filthy, bastards.

    • I agree. People complain that gentrification ruins their neighborhoods, but whenever I see young couples moving in, I know that 90% of the time, they are rolling up their sleeves and trying to clean things up… status quo means more discarded bones from Popeyes and garbage from 7-11.

      If gentrification means that people who don’t give a shit about polluting get pushed out, so be it.

      • Guys – seriously?

        It’s kind of like the movie “Precious.” Environmentalism and Respect are the not woven into their beings at all – and quite frankly, can you blame them? – they are just trying to survive.

        So, I agree with the next poster – pick up a damn trash bag and lead by example. You won’t change them, but you’ll plant a seed in their head.

        • Nope. Give it a rest. I am all for calling people out like this.
          This whole “can you blame them” mentality is nauseating. You can be poor…you can be uneducated…you can be ignorant…but you can STILL posess the basis understanding of common courtesy to throw things away correctly. This is not “surving”. It is basic life skills that even small children understand.
          I am fo sick of the “victim” mentality you are displaying for people like this.
          I say, the quicker trash like this are moved out, the quicker real trash on they ground will come to an end.

          • common courtesy is something parents teach children. it is in no way instinctual. rich people behave just as abhorrently, only in a different context. they are still responsible for their actions, but we need think of ways to let them know they and their community are valuable so they can begin to take some pride in it.

          • Paul

            I think you haven’t lived in an inner city before. These are things that you have to *teach* or enforce. Think about it – if you lack the self respect enough to live in a pig-sty, how the hell are you gong to not litter on the street for Pete’s sake?

            In the end – litter is a lot less offensive than the crazy amount of graffiti that we’ve been getting lately. That’s deliberate and in most cases (except for the really amazing solicited kind) completely disrespectful!

    • Litter is the DC state bird.

  • Stop whining go get a bag and go pick it up.

    • whats the point of picking it up? the trash will be back in there in several days anyway.

      • That’s kind of defeatist. I think if you go pick up trash, and it looks nice, you make a difference, even if its just for a day or two. I see people do this around the African American Civil War Memorial and surrounding streets a lot. I’m sure it’s in other areas too. They’re not city workers, just people who live nearby and are picking up a few pieces. Honestly, it inspired me to do the same. It’s a chance to lead by example. In the end, if all you do is make the street look nicer for a day or two, that’s enough for me.

      • So then why even dump the trash in your home?

  • I recently saw a Lexus SUV stop at a stop sign, roll down the window, and drop a Mcdonalds bag out. The driver was in her 40’s and her passenger was an older woman…What planet were these people raised on, where this is even a behavior one would consider? WTF!?!

    • Totally agree.
      This is NOT a poor vs. well-off debate. It is a “those who care” and “those who don’t” mentatality. Simple as that.
      It’s funny we are talking about this on here today, because I witnessed the exact same thing yesterday right in front of my house on M St.
      Some woman was in her car, talking to a man outside her car through the window.
      She tossed her plastic drink bottle out the window of her Ford Explorer and he picked it up to “teach her” how normal people behave.
      She tossed it right back out again….and this was just for fun.
      Save the “victim” mentality for real victims. This is nothing more than being lazy and not caring. Simple as that.

    • When I see people do this, I normally lay on the horn and don’t let off for an obnoxiously long amount of time. It’s all I can think of to do to publicly shame them. If nothing else, next time they’ll at least be a little more discreet about what they’re doing, which maybe means they’re starting to become aware that it’s not the right thing to do (something they’re obviously oblivious to currently).

  • Look on the bright side. We don’t have the pee problem of San Fran.

    It is the same as it ever was, and yet, it is a little bit better nowadays. We are cleaning up Ledroit Park and not upper Dupont.

    I once had a friend called Frank. During the crack era of Marion Barry he single-handedly created small parks on his own. In an area such as this, he would pick up trash and plant flowers.

    People thought it was work of the city, but we neighbors knew it was a “Frank park”.

    He is deceased now, but an unsung hero. We have a lot more Franks now!

    • All this talk of trash and morals, and I almost missed the party… that tree is MARVELOUS!

    • yeah, but in San Francisco people don’t pee out their car windows (possibly for obvious reasons). the urine is from homeless and indigent residents of the city. and at least they try to use the few public toilets in SF (which are arguably worse smelling than the corners of buildings in the Tenderloin). Most of the littering I’ve seen in this city has been from people who might be lower on the economic class chain, but they have cars, apartments/houses, income. And they just don’t care.

      • Wait, do people pee out their car windows here? lol

        Now I have something to look forward to.

        I’ve seen their names written (in cursive) in the snow, but not urinate out the windows. Is the vehicle moving?

        I think we should do what the guy on the bike (below) did and call it out when we see it, if we can. Anyone know a fun/funny way to do this?

  • Most of the trash I see on the streets seems to be from the trash pickup people being lazy. Th amount of trash always peaks the day the trash gets ‘picked up’. Then it blows all over the place for a week.

    Just Saying.

  • I hope the OP picked up the trash he observed here.

  • I live in this block, and can tell you that the litter in that mini-park does not come from people dropping it on the plants — it comes from litter being blown down Florida Ave and collecting in the plants — folks in the neighborhood clean it up as often as possible, but it blows right back in from the street. This problem is particularly bad on 6th street just below Florida — the homeowners there are doing battle with wind-driven litter all the time.

  • This bothers me to no end. It’s no fun, but I take a bag out to the street once a week and pick up garbage in my neighborhood. I get some strange looks from people, but my hope is that sooner or later they will think that if they throw their garbage on the ground, I will have to clean it up. I believe that eventually common human decency will kick in and they will think twice before littering.

    • +1. Good work. I do the same in my neighborhood, but not nearly often enough. I am going to try to start doing this more.

    • I do the same thing on my block quite regularly. Everyone now knows me for it 🙂 Although on my street it’s not only careless teenagers with frito bags, its drunks with Remy bottles AND freecycle fanatics who think everyone should want their crap so they leave it out for weeks….

  • Ha, just made some little punk on his way to school this morning pick up his doritos bag and brownie wrapper off the ground right after he just threw it. Walked him to the trash can 10ft in front of him, and continued my bike ride.

    what a breakfast!

  • Pick it up! and people DUMP all kinds of trash in poorer neighborhoods its been going on forever. Its not always the people who live in the neighborhood.

  • I’ve found that the broken window theory really does apply, at least as far as litter goes. I’m sure I seem OCD to my neighbors, but I do my best to keep my block in Park View clean on a daily basis. Its doesn’t take much. It seems to me that at least some people are reluctant to litter on a clean street as opposed a trash strewn one.

    Still though, I do get angry w/ the element of the populace that just tosses stuff w/out a care. I mean not even animals crap so close to home.

  • I’ve been picking up trash on my daily dog walks in my hood near 10th & M for years now. I am happy to say that I have inspired a few others to do this also. I’ve noticed that vacant properties are often a magnet for trash dumping which is why I am not nagging the ANC and Jack Evans office to crack the whip and force the owners of these abandoned buildings to do something with them. I’ve also noticed that once trash piles up on a street, more people will dump their trash there. If its clean, some (sadly, only some) will respect it and not deposit their trash there. Just my observations…

  • Nate, good going! I just moved to Park View, and although I’m picking up litter from a fairly small radius at the moment (my house and the houses on either side), I agree with the “broken windows” theory.

  • Yes, if I see someone dumping trash I would report them, it’s illegal. It’s also a major issue in some parts of the city. As for random small trash on my block (H st) I pick it up. I get my rubber gloves/trash bag and spend about 10 to 15min, it makes a huge difference. Hopefully that inspires someone to do the same.

  • My “favorite” trash pick-up that I’ve done on my block, aside from the occasional fun used condom and dog crap, was the gallon milk jug half filled with pee and tossed onto the sidewalk. That was super awesome. Luckily it didn’t explode every where when we moved it to the trash can.

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